The Chiefs have announced a special 2024 season tribute to the late cheerleader.

The Chiefs have announced a special 2024 season tribute to the late cheerleader.

The 2024 NFL season will see the Kansas City Chiefs pay tribute to the late cheerleader Krystal Anderson by celebrating her “life, legacy, and sparkle.”

Due to problems during childbirth, Krystal passed away earlier this year at the age of 40. The Chiefs’ cheering team will wear cuffs with Krystal’s initials on each member’s right arm, and the same logo will be shown on the padding next to the 10-yard line on the sideline.

White rhinestones will be stitched on a red rhinestone field to create the illusion that the cuff “sparkles just as she did.”

The 2024 season will honor the late cheerleader Krystal Anderson.

“Innumerable ways, Krystal was a trailblazer,” writes Matt McMullen in the Chiefs’ ode.She supported the Chiefs for more than 100 games, went to the Pro Bowl, and participated in many military missions, one of which being an outreach trip to Iraq. She had a strong commitment to community service and was a trailblazer in her line of work, having created a post-partum hemorrhaging monitoring system that is currently in use in hospitals all over the world.

Her spirit was compelling; she wanted perfection, yet she did it with love. As her friends put it, she was a “glam queen,” loving applying cosmetics to young dancers just as much as she enjoyed applying it to herself. She was purposeful in all she did and unwaveringly faithful.”

The Hunt Family Foundation will also make a monetary donation in Krystal’s honor. The Chiefs’ padding bears a reference to the location where Krystal worked as a member of the Alumni Crew each game day.

You should read McMullen’s wonderful ode to Krystal in order to remember and honor her as she truly deserves.

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