Breaking: A former 49ers star recognizes his six-game suspension and plans to return to action in 2024.

Breaking: A former 49ers star recognizes his six-game suspension and plans to return to action in 2024.

Tashaun Gipson Sr. - San Francisco 49ers Safety - ESPN

The former 49ers safety will play in his 13th NFL season rather than retiring.

Due to a breach of the NFL’s policy regarding performance-enhancing substances, former San Francisco 49ers safety Tashaun Gipson was suspended by the league for six games last week, adding to the uncertainty surrounding his future.

Gipson, however, cleared up some of the misunderstanding on Monday by admitting in a statement to the public that he took a supplement without realizing it violated the NFL’s rules.

Gipson stated, “I took a supplement once this offseason, which I felt was perfectly safe and well within any of the NFL’s policies.” It had nothing to do with training, performance, or getting an advantage of any type at any point in time. Having participated in competitions at this level for a considerable amount of time, I have the utmost regard for the game and its community of players. The NFL has a very clear policy regarding performance-enhancing drugs, and I am fully accountable for anything I put into my body. Despite the fact that I have never even tried to cheat the game, I accept this punishment with tremendous disappointment.

However, Gipson also declared that he will play for a championship in the upcoming 13th NFL season, in addition to accepting his six-game suspension.

The safety has played for the 49ers for the past two seasons. He signed with the team late in the 2022 offseason, but after Jimmie Ward’s injury, he soon earned a starting position.

From then on, Gipson stayed put and spent the next two seasons as a starter for the defense, contributing significantly to the unit.

It’s unknown if Gipson will look to join a team before the season or will wait to see what options exist as the season progresses given his impending six-game suspension.

Earlier in the offseason, the 49ers were exploring the safety position and brought in Julian Blackmon for a visit; however, the free agent eventually re-signed with the Indianapolis Colts.

In the end, they used a pick in the draft to strengthen their depth at the position, choosing Wake Forest’s Malik Mustapha in the fourth round.

Would they be open to getting back together with Gipson, who probably would rather have a contender again? With training camp in just two weeks, it’s an option to definitely consider.

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