ESPN: JJ Redick bids farewell to podcast space after landing Lakers job

ESPN: JJ Redick bids farewell to podcast space after landing Lakers job


Due to JJ Redick’s current position as head coach of the Los Angeles Lakers, the former ESPN analyst must also bid adieu to his part-time podcasting career.

He just shared a farewell video with fans of the podcast “The Old Man & The Three.”

Redick added, “I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who has listened to one of our podcasts.” “.. I’m going to the Los Angeles Lakers to coach them. I’m really appreciative.

Redick is making the proper decision by putting his podcasting on hold in order to give the Lakers his all concentration. In addition, he co-hosted a podcast with current player LeBron James.

Recall that the legendary team has only won one championship (in 2020) and recorded more than 50 wins once since 2011.

Since Phil Jackson left the team after the 2010–11 season, the team has failed to maintain continuity. Redick will be the sixth head coach in that time.

However, it’s possible that Redick, an NBA veteran of 15 seasons, may bring some of his player’s attitude to the club and lead them back to the championship picture.

Los Angeles should be a strong squad at the very least, especially with James committed for yet another season and Anthony Davis still in the center.

Ultimately, though, it will be up to Redick, forty, to make it worthwhile.

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