Breaking:Rams legend terminate contract reveals reasons

Breaking:Rams legend terminate contract reveals reasons…..

The journey between the Space Needle in Seattle and the Gateway Arch in St. Louis, which are separated by just over 2,100 miles, changed Chase Reynolds’s life. Reynolds, a Montana running back who was an undrafted free agent, signed a contract with the Seahawks in 2011 but was cut less than two weeks later. But a call from the Rams turned what was supposed to be a short stay in the Pacific Northwest into a second opportunity in America’s Heartland.

“It was almost like they called and asked if I was free. “Board a plane,” Reynolds commanded. “I flew down there and started to practice, not knowing what to anticipate. In actuality, there was no need for me to try out. I recently signed with the team. Once I hit the ground, it was kind of full steam forward. When it came down to the final game (in Jacksonville), I was solely focused on kick returns during the first preseason game. I reasoned that since I had only made a few kick returns and hadn’t performed well, there was no chance I would be signed by this team.

“And they gave me one offensive drive in the final four minutes. I just sprinted as hard as I could, head down, and got us into the end zone. After the game, Coach (Joe) Spagnuolo pulled me out and told me how much he admired my heart and my resolve. The fact that he knew my first name surprised me. That was quite thrilling, then.”

Lewis Jeff Though exciting, Reynolds would soon have to deal with the highs and lows of being cut, re-signed, cut again, and re-signed.

“I believe I was cut five times in my first year. I took a week off after a week on. I didn’t even know if I would return for a full month,” Reynolds remarked. “My spouse and I got down on one knee and decided that we would just walk away with our heads held high if we didn’t hear from each other by a specific date. And as I was literally approaching to grasp the door handle to go fetch (pack) boxes that morning, I received a call from the Rams asking me to return to the practice squad.”

Reynold’s inconsistent 2011 season on the practice squad improved the following year when he was a full-time member. Even though he wasn’t participating in any meaningful games, he continued to observe the Rams’ top running back and be ready for the possibility that he would be selected.

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