Breaking: Lakers second man has been promoted to head coach associate.

Breaking: Lakers second man has been promoted to head coach associate.


The Los Angeles Lakers prioritized using Anthony Davis in their coaching search, putting him at the core of their consideration for both Dan Hurley—who ultimately declined the position—and JJ Redick, their final pick. At the Team USA training camp, David talked further about the role he thinks he would play under Redick when he addressed the media.

According to Ben Golliver of The Washington Post, Anthony Davis stated, “[Redick] talked about me being the hub of the offense.” That will not be like that. Not until [training] camp, when we can go on the floor, will we really understand everything. We desire more three-pointers from LeBron. [Redick] desires to play quickly while staying safe. I completely agree with his plans for us based on what he was telling me. .. Winning a title is still the ultimate objective. Steps cannot be skipped.

It should come as no surprise that JJ Redick and the Lakers intend to use Davis as the center of attention and have everything pass through him. That was something Los Angeles wanted to accomplish with its next head coach, as was previously mentioned. After LeBron James retires, Davis will be the standout player for Los Angeles because he is entering the latter phases of his career. Having Davis handle everything offensively will set up a strategy for years to come.

The rumor that Redick wants LeBron James to shoot more threes this coming season is also noteworthy. James’ average of 5.1 three-pointers made during the previous season was the lowest since his final year with the Cleveland Cavaliers. According to Basketball Reference, James’ career high for three-pointers made per game occurred in 2021–2022, when he averaged eight per game.

James had a strong three-point percentage (41%), according to Basketball Reference, this past season. Given that it was his career high, the Lakers’ desire for him to shoot more threes makes sense. Even while it makes sense to anticipate that his efficiency will decline with more shots, he might still be a competent three-point shooter come playoff time.

LeBron James and Anthony Davis attempting to capture another gold medal in the Olympics
After winning a gold medal at the 2012 Olympics, Anthony Davis is attempting to win another one. He participated in the 2014 FIBA World Cup as a member of the basketball team for Team USA.

It makes sense that LeBron James has accomplished far more in his overseas career. He won gold medals at the Olympics twice, in 2008 and 2012. In addition, he won the 2007 FIBA Americas Championship.

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