247report: Heat has signed $230 Million Star “Desperation” on “Nemesis’ Assistance”

247report: Heat has signed $230 Million Star “Desperation” on “Nemesis’ Assistance”


In the NBA, the Miami Heat are still in a prime position. They have Jimmy Butler, a star-caliber two-way wing, Tyler Herro, a rising scorer, and young star big man Bam Adebayo, to whom they have pledged. Generally speaking, that’s the basis for NBA success.

Without a doubt, though, the Heat must adjust. They are clearly far behind the Boston Celtics, but they are also falling behind the Knicks and Sixers and, at most, are on par with the Cavaliers, Magic, Bucks, and Pacers due to their inability to keep up with the talent explosion in the Eastern Conference during the past year and a half.

The Heat are, at most, the fourth seed in the East. They are, by far, a play-in team.

Though it’s been a while, there are still rumors that the Heat want to be open to adding another elite player. They have ties to DeMar DeRozan, who signed with Sacramento instead of being dealt, and Jazz center Lauri Markkanen, who may or may not be traded.

However, there is one player that is still available on the trade market who could salvage a disastrous Miami Heat offseason: forward Jerami Grant. But in order to make a deal, the Heat—and the Blazers, for that matter—would need to put the contentious trade talks involving Damian Lillard from last year behind them and concentrate on the present.

Whether you like it or not, the Heat should be anxious to acquire Grant, and the Blazers should be somewhat desperate to get rid of him. “I think it would come down to desperation vs. desperation in a trade for him,” a Western Conference executive told Heavy Sports.

It’s Hard to Trade Jerami Grant’s Contract
The poison pill separating the two teams isn’t the only thing making it difficult to get Grant to Miami.

Portland made the strange decision last summer to sign Grant to a significant new contract worth $160 million over five years early in the offseason, before the Lillard scandal surfaced. However, the Blazers are currently rebuilding after Lillard’s departure, and Grant has no place with the team.

The Heat would view Grant’s trade as a way to assist Portland by freeing them from a terrible deal. However, the Blazers would view themselves as giving Miami a high-scoring asset, and they would demand payment as such.

Grant finished the previous season with an impressively low rebound total (3.5 per game) for a power forward, averaging 21.0 points on 45.1% shooting. Due to his injury struggles, he only appeared in 54 games for the lowly Blazers.

However, he has recently developed into a proficient 3-point shooter, making 40.2% of his efforts on 5.1 attempts last year and 40.1% on 5.7 attempts in 2022–2023 season. He therefore fits perfectly at position four, next to Adebayo.


The Heat’s first-round pick in the 2024 draft, Kel’el Ware, along with Terry Rozier’s two-year, $51 million contract, may be considered a legitimate offer. This results in a younger asset and less financial commitment for the Blazers.

Grant for Tyler Herro would also make sense, but Portland made it very apparent last year that it does not consider Herro to be a valuable trade asset.

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