Two Relievers Are Added by Mock Blockbuster to Strengthen the Yankees’ Bullpen

Two Relievers Are Added by Mock Blockbuster to Strengthen the Yankees’ Bullpen


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Ahead of this year’s trade deadline, the Miami Marlins are clear sellers, and the New York Yankees are an ideal fit since they need relievers. Left-handed relievers have been especially needed because, other from Tim Hill, no other left-hander has proven to be dependable and productive. Miami has two intriguing strikeout options that may entice Brian Cashman in addition to a name that can get out of the left-handed position. The Marlins could attempt to make quick fixes to their farm system now that they are fully out of it come July.

Tanner Scott and Andrew Nardi may be big outs and big spots for the Yankees, and they could receive both in a blockbuster trade that fixes their bullpen for good.

Two Relievers Are Added by Mock Blockbuster to Strengthen the Yankees’ Bullpen

Tanner Scott, one of the top names that might be available before the trade deadline, has a great track record of obtaining strikeouts and soft contact. Although his command was inconsistent early in the season, I find his fastball-slider combo particularly appealing due to its ability to hit both lefties and righties. Scott’s strengths include outstanding movement and high velocity. His fastball, which sits at 96.7 mph, has a lot of vertical ride and plays up in the zone.

The slider, which produces a 7.4-inch horizontal sweep in addition to a quick falling motion, is what elevates the fastball to a lethal pitch that can drive lefties fishing or bury right-handers inside. Given his recent run of domination on the mound, I believe the walk concerns we saw earlier in the season from Scott are an exception.

Tanner Scott has made 29 appearances with a 0.61 ERA and a 20.9% K-BB%. He has also collected a lot of whiffs in addition to making a lot of soft contact. The Yankees require swings and misses from their bullpen, and Scott is about as ideal a target as they get, sitting in the 91st percentile in Whiff Rate. Moreover, Clay Holmes has some sinker trouble that needs to be resolved, so his background as a closer might allow him to take some time off to work in the middle innings.

The Yankees would also acquire Andrew Nardi in this deal; despite his dismal 4.86 ERA, Nardi has pitched far better than that figure indicates. His ERA reduces from 4.86 to 3.41 if his first two outings of the season are excluded. He strikes out a lot of batters while walking few. After his first four appearances, he gave up 44% of his earned runs, and all the signs point to his becoming even better in the future.

Similar to Tanner Scott in his delivery of a fastball with good vertical life and a sweeping slider, Nardi adds even more swing-and-miss ability to a bullpen that sorely needs it. As the Yankees have had trouble getting anything out of their bullpen, he is a high-leverage weapon who could fit into the middle innings. Help from the left side is essential, and this move has the potential to fix their bullpen in one major deal.

The Yankees’ left-handed relievers have a 4.16 ERA and a -0.4 fWAR; the only consistent player who has offered any kind of value has been Tim Hill. Victor Gonzalez was already assigned last month, and Caleb Ferguson has been a disaster. The Yankees need assistance on that front, and these two arms can provide it without costing an absurd amount of money.

Benjamin Cowles
Rumfield, T.T.
Roc Riggio
With a 141 wRC+, eight home runs, and 22 doubles at Double-A, Rule 5 eligible Benjamin Cowles has dominated. He also possesses a strong infield offensive and defensive profile. If the infield option converts to the higher levels of professional baseball, the Miami Marlins may use a wonderful weapon. He is almost MLB-ready. He’s still hitting hard, but his contact skills have improved.

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