Everton staff member as left and established name to replace him at Goodison  Park

Everton staff member as left and established name to replace him at Goodison  Park

graeme white (@graeme74dj) / X

Graeme White, the Everton stadium announcer, announced on social media that he is leaving the team.

Everton has been looking for a replacement for White, who announced on X on July 7 that his tenure as the club’s announcer will be ending.

He declared: “Last week, I received notice that my matchday contract would not be extended, following nine years of service as a stadium announcer. For Goodison’s final season, the team switched to in-vision presentation and adopted an established “Name.”

“I appreciate the memories. cherished every second.

For the last Goodison season, Everton will have a new voice informing the supporters about the team news, substitutions, and goal scorers.

It’s perplexing that Everton chose to name an established “name.”
To put it mildly, it’s an odd choice to name a new stadium announcer for the team’s final season at Goodison.

Fans would not have anticipated this choice, nor would they have given it any thought.

However, they have been used to hearing White’s voice on matchday for almost ten years now.

This isn’t a change that was necessary as the Toffees undergo surgery off the field in preparation for the relocation to the Bramley-Moore dock stadium at the conclusion of the season and the ownership of AS Roma by Dan Friedkin.

The response to the tweet sums it up.

Journalist Tom Canton remarked, “There’s something really wrong with this. I apologize, Graeme.

One Everton supporter, however, responded, saying, “To be honest, whenever we score, I think back to a goal at Goodison and I hear your voice. If something ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

Under White’s statement, there are a variety of sentiments expressed, including gratitude, sympathy, and perplexity.

The established “name” on the Goodison tannoy for the upcoming season will now have to wait for Everton supporters to find out.

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