The Miami Heat Engage in a $225 million blockbuster deal to land 14-time all-star

The Miami Heat Engage in a $225 million blockbuster deal to land 14-time all-star

Erik Spoelstra with ultimate Miami Heat long-term security

The Miami Heat have not had much luck on the trade market in recent years. When they acquired Jimmy Butler from the Sixers in 2019 for the pitiful sum of Josh Richardson, Hassan Whiteside, and a first-round selection, they scored a lot of points, but their record was riddled with misses in the subsequent seasons. A premium paid to Kyle Lowry. Overspending on Victor Oladipo. A premium paid to Terry Rozier.

Additionally, two first-round picks and four second-round picks were given away as bribes to other clubs to accept the Heat’s blunders. Thus, it helps to be a little dubious when rumors start to circulate that the Heat are (again) looking to enhance their roster through a trade.

However, the Miami Herald notes that “three people who have had contact with the Heat” said Miami wants to keep that space flexible in case there’s a chance to acquire a top player.

The Heat have been pursuing star forward Kevin Durant for more than two years; while he has not indicated that he wants to leave the Phoenix Suns, there is still rumor that he would. Durant is the first name that comes to mind when considering a trade partner.

If Kevin Durant enters the trade market, he will still be regarded as “A Favorite.” The Suns have stated in the open that they intend to keep Durant and expand on the advancements they achieved the previous season with the addition of Bradley Beal to their roster, which already included Durant and guard Devin Booker. However, Durant’s potential link to the Heat will endure as long as there is conjecture that their relationship with the Suns might not work out.

Ahead of the Suns’ swift elimination from the playoffs by the Timberwolves early in the offseason, NBA insiders said there was a possibility Durant might be traded. Miami was the center of attention at that time.

Regarding possible trade partners for Durant at that time, a Western Conference executive told Heavy Sports, “There are a few teams that should come up.” “My favorite would be the Heat.”

Apart from Suns owner Mat Ishbia’s vocal opposition to selling Durant, not much has changed. Although the Heat would undoubtedly be interested in Booker if he were available, he has maintained that he won’t be sold either.

But Durant is more reachable, if only because he is in the third year of a $194 million, four-year deal extension at the age of 35. Once more, the West executive was questioned via text about whether he thought the Heat would make a big play for Durant in the event that the Suns decided against dealing him. “Definitely,” he replied.

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