JJ Redick terminates his contract with Lakers and reveals what happened

JJ Redick terminates his contract with Lakers and reveals what happened

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It was a little strange, to be sure, that JJ Redick may end up as head coach of the Los Angeles Lakers since he and superstar LeBron James co-host a podcast called “Mind the Game.” And some questioned if that podcast will continue now that Redick has been formally appointed as the team’s next head coach.

Redick and James, who are both renowned for their high IQs and intelligence, approached their podcast in a different way, concentrating more on analytics and Xs and Os to explain what was occurring on the court. However, the podcast duet has temporarily ended.

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Redick made it plain during his Lakers debut press conference that he will not be producing any internet content, including the “Mind the Game” podcast, as long as he is coaching.

Not at all. I’ve been banned from the content area for the time being, which should be a very long time. Thus, a podcast won’t exist,” Redick stated. “We’ll do something for everyone who listened at some point, but we’ll do something when I get a break from what’s coming up – I’m going to be sipping out of a fire hose for the next month. Additionally, a brief video will be shown. But for now, I’m done with podcasts.

For Redick, who will have to devote all of his time and energy to coaching the Lakers, it is an obvious decision. Not to add that, although podcasting by active players is becoming quite common, it is entirely different for a coach to have a podcast with one of his players, and it is unclear how the other players may interpret that.

Later, Redick stated on Spectrum SportsNet that he hoped LeBron will carry on with the podcast with a different co-host, which is a possibility. However, Redick intends to put all of his attention toward leading the Lakers and winning another championship for this team; hence, he will no longer be handling “Mind the Game.”

According to JJ Redick, the Lakers could soon contend for championships.

The Lakers’ ultimate objective is to win a championship, but it won’t be simple with a new head coach in place. Nevertheless, JJ Redick is welcoming those lofty standards and believes this club isn’t far from contending at that caliber.

Regarding the Lakers’ expectations, Redick responded, “To answer the second part first, yes, I think they’re reasonable.” “I don’t think the current roster is all that far removed from a club capable of winning a title. I believe that in order to manage expectations, one must just embrace life. It’s true that you have to embrace certain things. You don’t try to escape it. You discuss it if you feel the need to.

No NBA player—I’ve never played with any—has ever said to me, “You know what? It’s not the year for that. We can’t win a championship, in my opinion. There is no doubt that the expectations now are different. One of the things, Rob and I have discussed, is that you have to let go of results while we sort of develop the culture. You simply act. It ought to be about having fun and accepting the journey. And I have every confidence that the Los Angeles Lakers will be a championship-caliber club by April if they continue to improve every day from the start.

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