Donedeal: $250 million star has signed with Lakers

Donedeal: $250 million star has signed with Lakers

Although it seems like the Los Angeles Lakers have failed in free agency, the trade market is still up for business for the next few months.

With D’Angelo Russell and his $18.7 million salary, Los Angeles can construct a deal for a high-impact player around a pair of first-round picks in 2029 and 2031.

On Wednesday, July 3, Greg Swartz of Bleacher Report wrote a convoluted trade proposal between the Lakers, Cleveland Cavaliers, and Brooklyn Nets that would send point guard Darius Garland and wing Caris LeVert to Los Angeles from a Cavs team that advanced to the Eastern Conference Semifinals in the previous postseason.

In addition to forward Cam Johnson from Brooklyn and guard Austin Reaves from Los Angeles, the Cavaliers also acquired forward Rui Hachimura. In the meanwhile, the Nets would acquire L.A.’s first-round pick in 2029 along with Russell, shooting guard Jalen Hood-Schifino, and big man Christian Wood from the Lakers.

Darius Garland would join LeBron James and Anthony Davis as the third star on the Lakers.

Los Angeles has to give up a first-round pick and five players for the pitch, which is a lot for Garland and LeVert. On closer examination, though, it doesn’t harm Los Angeles as much as one might believe.

With Reaves as possibly the third-best player on the Lakers roster right now and the extraordinary value of the four-year, $54 million contract that will see him play through at least 2025–2026 before a player option on the deal’s final season, Reaves’ loss is the one real deal breaker. Reaves is only 26 years old, and Los Angeles would be reluctant to deal with him at such a low cost to the organization so early in his career.

However, considering Garland’s value as a previous All-Star whose talents Cleveland reduced two seasons ago when it acquired Donovan Mitchell in its own deal with the Utah Jazz, Swartz attempted to argue that the juice on this specific trade proposal would be worth the squeezing.

Swartz added, “Garland is the perfect candidate to take over [the Lakers’] point guard duties.” “Garland’s relocation to Los Angeles and partnership with fellow clients Lebron James and Anthony Davis should excite Agent Rich Paul. It will provide the Lakers with an extra scorer and facilitator to lessen the load on James, who will turn 40 soon. For a team that [the league presently expects] to be $1.2 million over the second apron luxury tax line, the move would also remove $2.2 million from LA’s books.

Austin Reaves May Be Replaced by Darius Garland in the Lakers’ Starting Lineup

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