Rams pick QB in ESPN 2025 mock draft

Rams pick QB in ESPN 2025 mock draft

ESPN expert claims that the Rams expressed interest in a quarterback prior to the 2024 draft.

The Los Angeles Rams are drafted with the same position this year—number 19 overall—in ESPN’s inaugural 2025 mock draft, with quarterback Conner Weigman of Texas A&M being selected as Matthew Stafford’s likely successor.

Miller claims that before the 2024 draft, he had heard that the Rams were interested in a quarterback. However, six entered the top-12 for the first time ever, and it was evident that Los Angeles was having trouble moving up.

There is no substance to the Rams’ “possible” draft of Conner Weigman. “Rams” may be any of the remaining 31 teams, while “Conner Weigman” could be any of the current top 100 prospects.

Miller’s claim that he heard Los Angeles was interested in a quarterback prior to the 2024 selection is intriguing. That might indicate a lot of different things; it could be something he heard personally from the source or something he read online. It could truly imply anything from plausible to implausible. But, Miller is the head draft analyst for a network with extensive NFL connections, so at least one possibility is that reliable sources were leaking rumors that the Rams might select a quarterback in the first round.

Subsequently, six of the top-12 selections were quarterbacks, making the quarterback debate rather moot.

Would the Rams select a quarterback in the first round of the 2019 NFL Draft? Well, of course, why not? Alternately, they could draft eight more spots. We don’t know if they will trade their first round pick before then, or where they will be in the order.

Conner Weigman is a quarterback, so, all right. I hope he has success.


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