Mets star player wants to join Yankees’

Mets star player wants to join Yankees’

The Mets Call up Prospect Francisco Álvarez - The New York Times

According to Fox Sports’ Deesha Thosar, Mets catcher Francisco Álvarez loves Juan Soto, the opposing Yankee, and would love to have the talented outfielder join him in Queens. Soto will be eligible for free agency following the 2024 campaign.

“If he was going to play with the Mets, I would really like it,” Álvarez stated to FOX Sports. “I think that would be fantastic. He’s the man I wish I had everything like him. He is among the game’s top players.

Francisco Alvarez impressed Mets during his slump

The Fox Sports article claims that the two were clearly friendly throughout the Subway Series:

Thosar stated, “It was evident during the Subway Series that Álvarez and Soto were friends as well, given the way they joked and laughed together in the batter’s box and the ease with which Soto once teasingly tapped Álvarez’s catcher’s helmet with his bat.”

Álvarez claimed that during the offseason, he trained with Soto a few times and developed a closer relationship with him when they were both handled by Soto’s previous agent, Scott Boras.

“I adore his style of gameplay. He finds the game enjoyable. The game is fun for me. We enjoy ourselves. We converse during the game because I’ve known him before, Álvarez said to Fox Sports.

Mets' Francisco Álvarez progressing in recovery from thumb surgery - ESPN

“I appreciate the way he projects confidence and the way he looks; he exudes confidence every time he plays baseball. He is unique. His self-assurance is distinct. I also think that my confidence has changed. I enjoy playing in his league.

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