Dad of 20 million per year star,quite upset because he chose not to sign with the Lakers.

Dad of 20 million per year star,quite upset because he chose not to sign with the Lakers.

Mychal, the father of Klay Thompson, doesn’t seem to be overjoyed that his son will be joining the Dallas Mavericks rather than the Los Angeles Lakers.

personality in sports After rumors circulated that the younger Thompson had agreed to sign with the reigning Western Conference champions, Nick Wright poked fun at Lakers general manager Rob Pelinka.

According to reports, the Lakers attempted to persuade the Golden State Warriors to sign and deal D’Angelo Russell for the younger Thompson, but the Warriors expressed little interest in getting back together with the 28-year-old. During the 2019–20 regular season, Russell played in 33 games with the Warriors, averaging 23.6 points per game on 37.4 percent three-point shooting.

Regarding the Lakers’ plans to sign the four-time NBA champion, Chris Haynes stated, “I was told they made a pretty compelling offer.” It was approximately 20 million per year at the three- or four-year mark. Moreover, they lost out on their guy.

LeBron James’ decision to accept less had nothing to do with the sign-and-trade scenario that was clearly going to occur. To acquire Klay, a sign-and-trade was required, but that did not occur. I was informed that D’Angelo Russell would have probably been a part of a trade to acquire Klay. Additionally, based on what I was informed, the Warriors had no intention of bringing D’Angelo Russell back.

The younger Thompson spent his first eleven seasons of professional basketball playing with the Warriors, who selected him with the No. 11 overall choice in the 2011 NBA Draft. During his tenure with the organization, he was named to five All-Star teams and took home four championships; his most recent with Golden State came in 2022.

However, a significant portion of the playing career of the elder Thompson was spent with the legendary Lakers team. He was nearing the end of his NBA career when he joined the Los Angeles Lakers, therefore his effectiveness as a player was down from what it had been when he played for the Portland Trail Blazers in his early career. Nevertheless, he played a significant supporting role on two Lakers teams that eventually won championships.

Despite playing only a portion of his first season with the Los Angeles Lakers (1986–87), the 69-year-old averaged 10.1 points and 4.1 rebounds per game while shooting 48.0 percent from the floor. In the 1987 NBA Finals, that Lakers team defeated the Boston Celtics to win the championship.

In 1987–88, the elder Thompson played in his first full season with the Lakers and helped the team win a championship. It is possible that he performed at an even better level during that campaign. Compared to 33 games the year before, he participated in 80 regular-season games, averaging 11.6 points, 6.1 rebounds, and 1.0 block per game.

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