The $71 Million star is Best trade destinations if Jazz make him available

The $71 Million star is Best trade destinations if Jazz make him available


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With Kentavious Caldwell-Pope joining the Orlando Magic and Andre Drummond joining the Philadelphia 76ers alongside Eric Gordon and (possibly) Paul George, free agents are slowly but surely being unveiled. However, the most intriguing player who might join a new team in July isn’t even a free agent: Lauri Markkanen.


Leading up to the June 30th market opening, Senior Insider Adrian Wojnarowski discussed a player who has long been thought of as untouchable in Utah on ESPN. He disclosed that while Dany Ainge isn’t willing to just give the Finnish 7-footer away, he will listen to offers and may even trade him away if the price is right.

“Lauri Markkanen in Utah, particularly when Mikal Bridges left the Brooklyn Knicks and went off the board. Another player on a squad where clubs are attempting to gauge the Jazz’s potential trajectory is Markkanen. Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN said, “The Jazz wanted to add players with Markkanen; they were a team that was in on Mikal Bridges, but New York ultimately outbid them.”

Lauri Markkanen trade rumors: Suitors reportedly being aggressive, but would take great deal to land Jazz star -

“However, clubs are being active in this market, and in an ideal scenario, I believe Utah wants to keep Lauri Markkanen. They can sign him to an extension later this summer. He has made a big impact. He’s had a career revival in Utah with Will Hardy, and listen, I believe it would take a lot to get him out of there, but Utah needs to pay attention, and there are plenty of teams who want to investigate what it could take to get Markkanen out of Utah.

Is Markkanen going to stay in Utah this fall? Yes, that is most likely the case, but after being firmly rejected for months, this opening does offer a rare chance for teams with cash and picks to take a big swing, particularly if they have the supporting cast in place—a Western Conference favorite and an Eastern Conference team with the most flexibility on the Eastern Seaboard, for example—to produce something truly special with an All-Star forward on a contract below market value.

Lauri Markkanen is a wonderful fit for these two teams.

2. The Sixers of Philadelphia
The 76ers have now spent about $5 million of their cap space, which could change at any time. This means the team has enough cash to sign Paul George to a maximum contract and still add players to the roster who are on minimum contracts and with their exceptions.

Despite everything, the organization still has the option to acquire Markkanen if they so choose. Paul George, a 2023 Jazz target, is only worth $18 million this fall, so the team could send him to Utah along with every remaining selection in order to upgrade at the four spot.

Is that the Sixers’ best course of action? This writer thinks not, but this isn’t a story about “best ways to build the Sixers,” it’s about the teams that are the best fits for Markkanen, and Philadelphia is definitely on that list because the two teams just fit together like a glove. Cam Johnson, on the other hand, could be had for a lot less and fill a similar role this fall.

Markkanen could fit into the same role and really shine as a do-it-all four-man in the starting five and even a small-ball five when Embiid is off the court during the playoffs. He is the kind of player worth mortgaging the future for, especially if Daryl Morey can lock him up long-term. Markkanen has spent the last five years trying to be a three-level scorer who can hold up on defense and get shots for himself and his teammates.


NBA Trade Rumors: One guy to watch is Lauri Markkanen

Zach Lowe suggests that Lauri Markkanen is a talent to watch in the next free agency period. During Sportcenter’s coverage of free agency, he said this.

During the interview, Brian Windhorst also indicated that Markkanen is available, but the Jazz consistently have high demands.

To be fair, Lowe also says he believes they will likely keep him, but teams are calling. The Utah Jazz front management is clearly trying to convey that they would like to hold onto Markkanen. Simultaneously, we keep hearing that teams are contacting the Jazz regarding him. It’s intriguing that additional leaks like “he’s on the market” are occurring right now. After missing out on Paul George and Mikal Bridges, are the Jazz changing their strategy? In a tweet today, Shams Charania stated that the Jazz are “making roster decisions.” What choices are they currently making?

The Jazz appear to be in a position to make some significant decisions very soon. We’ll watch to see if Markkanen joins the Jazz shortly.

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