2024 NBA : $48.7 million player has signed for jazz.

2024 NBA : $48.7 million player has signed for jazz.

What Paul George's Opt-Out Means For The Sixers In Free Agency

Justin Zanik and Danny Ainge are considering all of their options. From Fischer’s most recent work:

According to reports, George is expected to receive expensive contracts from the 76ers, Magic, and Warriors, as well as from the Warriors if he had activated his $48.7 million player option for the 2024–25 season. There’s another team hanging out on the edges of this as well. The Utah Jazz have all the cap space, veteran salaries, and lavish draft funds to bring in the kind of co-stars that they need to complete a roster that includes Mikal Bridges, who the team once tried to sign this week, according to sources, before New York spent six years’ worth of first-round draft assets for the Villanova product.already includes Lauri Markkanen, an All-Star forward. League figures with knowledge of the situation claim that trade for one or even two more legitimate components to then lure George away from Los Angeles and toward Salt Lake City looks to have been Utah’s dreamiest strategy this summer. It’s quite doubtful that George will make it happen, but it’s interesting how the same scenario played out when he arrived in Los Angeles in 2019: the Clippers paid a bounty to OKC for George’s services and added Leonard along with it.

Paul George opts out of contract, becomes free agent and will take meetings  with Clippers, Sixers, Magic - CBSSports.com

Despite the unexpected appearance, it appears that Fischer may have revealed Utah’s possible summer strategy. This story is made much more intriguing by the seemingly well-founded rumors that Utah was in the Mikal Bridges. Could Paul George have played with Lauri Markkanen and Mikale Bridges in the Jazz? That team would have been really impressive. This is further supported by the notion that Ryan Smith wishes to provide star power to Utah. The Jazz would have undoubtedly had more star power if this had occurred.


Even if it seems improbable, perhaps there is still some hope for this. Have the Jazz formally run out of “big game” choices if George signs with the Sixers or the Magic, as has been rumored? At that point, big game hunting may consist more of domestic species obtained through the draft; we’ll see. The likes of Ace Bailey and Cooper Flagg are undoubtedly as big game as it gets.

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