Caitlin Clark reveals painful reality of WNBA rookie year with Fever

Caitlin Clark reveals painful reality of WNBA rookie year with Fever


Caitlin Clark receives advice from World Series champ amid rising fame,  jealousy toward her | Fox News

After Indiana Fever rookie Caitlin Clark revealed a startling truth about the abuse she’s receiving from her teammates, WNBA fans couldn’t help but feel awful for her.

In the postgame press conference on Thursday following her matchup with the Seattle Storm, Clark was questioned regarding the best advise a seasoned player had provided her during the 2024 campaign. The Fever shooter, however, gave a startling reaction when she said that she hasn’t actually received any guidance for an opponent’s seasoned player yet.

“In games, no one provides me advise. I hope so,” Clark said.

Since the Fever selected Caitlin Clark with the first overall pick in the 2024 WNBA Draft, she has become the most well-liked player in the league. The absurd revenue that Indiana games bring in demonstrate that she is a must-see TV show. A matchup with the New York Liberty peaked at 1.55 million people on ABC, while her league debut against the Connecticut Sun averaged a record-breaking 2.12 million viewers on ESPN.

But her fame has also spurred rumors that WNBA veterans are envious of all the attention she’s receiving. The abuse she receives from other players—the most notorious instance being Chennedy Carter’s hip-check on her—has only served to strengthen that narrative. During a prior meeting, the Chicago Sky guard struck Clark from behind, sending the rookie for the Fever to the ground.

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That accusation that players are demonizing Clark will probably become more widespread after Clark’s most recent disclosure regarding the lack of support she has received from her colleagues.

Maybe Clark is being avoided by WNBA veterans because they are just trying to be competitive. That’s commonplace in athletics, particularly for a player of Clark’s caliber. Given how competitive players are, she has a target on her back, and they would prefer to demonstrate to her the difficulties of succeeding in the professional ranks than to offer advice.

However, it is a sharp contrast to the approach that Clark’s fellow newcomers are receiving; in contrast to the former Iowa women’s basketball standout, Angel Reese and Cameron Brink are receiving a warmer welcome from veterans.

It has been previously stated that Caitlin Clark’s comments shocked WNBA fans. Many expressed their sorrow at the care she is receiving, but many more offered words of encouragement to cheer her on.

A fan exclaimed, “CC is going to be so good because of the chip these WNBA players are putting on her shoulders.”

However, some people couldn’t help but become enraged, claiming that other WNBA players are actually truly mocking her.

A fan said, “That’s sad, they’re too busy hating on her.” One more said, “They’re too busy hating.” When it’s all said and done, it’s cool? The GOAT of the WNBA will be her.

It’s awful how the rest of the WNBA feels about you and is envious. A critic went on, “Imagine handling Michael Jackson or Steph Curry in this manner.

Caitlin Clark posts double-double in third straight win for the Indiana  Fever | CNN

Hopefully, Clark will take that as inspiration to step up her game. She may also interpret the absence of a cordial greeting as a respectful indication that her opponents view her as a formidable foe and that they are unable to provide assistance for fear of facing more serious consequences.

With the WNBA, Clark is off to a phenomenal start. She continues to be a threat with her passing and scoring abilities while having a serious turnover problem; thus far, she is averaging 16.2 points and 6.6 assists per game.


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