A Rams five star player introduces his new coffee line company.

A Rams five star player introduces his new coffee line company.

Russia's Dodo Brands launches first dual-branded store in the UAE - World  Coffee Portal

Wide receiver Cooper Kupp is using social media to discuss football, introduce his new coffee line, and refute these NFL rumors.

Cooper Kupp, a wide receiver for the Los Angeles Rams, has been very active on social media lately. Naturally, as they say, follow your money. In this instance, Cooper and Anna Kupp are establishing the Fayetteville, Arkansas-based Dodo Coffee Company, a play on names for a coffee company. Promotion of a coffee brand could hardly be better than launching a new podcast called “Daily Grind.” Here is the Daily Grind podcast’s first episode, with Cooper and Anna Kupp:

Contents Table of
A almost hour-long talk between the husband and wife is covered in their ambitious debut YouTube podcast (linked below), while the highlight is that the husband is an All-Pro NFL wide receiver who has etched his name into the NFL All-Time record books. What then do they talk about? The contents of their debut episode are listed as follows:

Cork Café Series: The secret to our quality coffee is...'

0:00 – Start of the show
00:55 – The reason we began this show
1:54 – Our coffee shop opened!
5:16 – Finding harmony amid the confusion
8:03 – The importance of silence
10:32 – Static versus motionlessness
13:13-Are you able to concentrate on anything else throughout the NFL season?
14:40 – The issue with Bill Walsh’s method of coaching
18:02 – 2021 Super Bowl off-field sacrifices 19:50 – Accepting the difficulties of parenthood
21:17 – Professional players’ lives don’t end on the field.
23:00 – Being totally present at any situation
24:15 – Do you have to give up your family in order to be the best?

25:30 – The significance of Cooper and Anna’s pre-NFL years
27:15 – Memories of the 2021 Super Bowl season
“It’s like climbing a mountain” (29:13) – the trip as opposed to the end point
32:55 – A child’s perspective on the brilliance of life
36:38 – Obstacles and insights from 2018 injuries
40:41 – Tough Things: Are you deserving of what you want?
44:39 – The significance of comprehending the motivation behind the desire
48:04 – Cooper’s journey to secure his spots in the NFL, college, and high school
53:06 – Chance and opportunity’s roles
54:40 – Having fun with the process regardless of the outcome
Now that you are aware of the topics they discuss in their podcast, let’s get started:

This is a fairly extensive first podcast, covering all the subjects that are important to Anna and Cooper Kupp in a conversational style with lots of nuggets of personal life insight thrown in, and less focus on the condescending way that many celebrities speak to the general public. It’s almost like you’re having a savory cup of cuppa Joe with the Kupps in many ways.

Though there are many subjects to cover and analyze, let’s focus on one query that I frequently see in chat rooms, comments sections, and on social media:


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