Alex Cora revela tres jugadores destacados que firmarán antes de la fecha límite.

Alex Cora revela tres jugadores destacados que firmarán antes de la fecha límite.


At the midway point of the MLB season, the Boston Red Sox are very much in the running for the playoffs, and manager Alex Cora wants team officials to contribute to keeping them that way.

Cora told reporters that he thinks the Red Sox can compete for the remainder of the season and that they should play as such before Wednesday’s rain-shortened game between Boston and the Toronto Blue Jays. “Let’s get greedy” was his three-word motto that summed up his ideas.

“I am aware that we have been discussing the wild card and related topics. Through Matt Gaegan of WBZ, Cora stated, “Let’s get greedy.” “There are teams playing bad baseball that are ahead of us. Even if it’s only for five days, I probably know one of them. However, more is available. We can keep playing this brand of baseball, in my opinion.

“We shouldn’t be content with the third wild card. As we ascend, let’s see where the season leads us.

When talking about how the Red Sox handled the trade deadline in the previous two seasons, Cora was as blunt. He’s hoping that Craig Breslow, the new chief baseball officer, would approach July 30 in a different way.

Cora stated, “To be honest, we didn’t get any better over the last two trade deadlines.” “We just did not change, while the teams around us improved. I can explain to you how I see the trading deadline. There are three options available to you: purchasing, selling, or staying put. They also stated that there will be teams that are superior to you when you stay put. The other teams around you improved, not because yours was a poor team.

As of Thursday, the Red Sox and the Kansas City Royals were tied for the third wild card place in the American League. For second place, they are lagging the Minnesota Twins by one game. Boston sits eight games behind the New York Yankees in the AL East and seven games behind the Baltimore Orioles for the top wild-card slot. The Yankees have lost eight of their previous ten games, while Cora’s squad has won eight of them.

Cora, who is in the last year of his Red Sox contract, recently made some intriguing remarks regarding his future. The 48-year-old boss will not be pleased if the team remains in contention even after the deadline.

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