Cody Rhodes honors his commitment to attend a WWE fan’s birthday and reveals some secret.

Cody Rhodes honors his commitment to attend a WWE fan’s birthday and reveals some secret.

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One thing that sets Cody Rhodes apart in the WWE is his incredible ability to connect profoundly with fans.

Rhodes is keeping his word to attend a fan’s fifth birthday party, which he made earlier this year.

Reminding him, Rhodes saw a fan at a WWE Live Event in North Charleston in March with a placard inviting him to celebrate their fifth birthday. He confirmed that it was June 25 and promised to be there.

“I see that sign that says ‘Cody, come to my fifth birthday party,'” Rhodes remarked at the time. Shall I attend his birthday celebration? Is June 25th the date? Should I bring a present, if so? How about a dish from me? On Wednesday, he will celebrate his fifth birthday, and I am expected to provide a casserole. North Charleston: is it worth it? Yes, is my response.

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In a recent Instagram story, Rhodes stated that he is determined to keep his word and show up to his fan’s fifth birthday celebration. He composed,


Cody Rhodes: It’s Concerning When Legends Say They’re Only Here To Assist The Young Guys

WWE Champion Cody Rhodes wants veterans and legends to be truthful.

Cody Rhodes remarked on Behind The Turnbuckle that he appreciates veterans that are open-minded. He said it’s a serious red flag when they declare they’re only there for younger talent.

Cody Rhodes remarked, “I’ll tell you the biggest red flag I’ve heard.”The biggest warning sign for young or middle-of-the-pack talent is hearing someone say, “I’m just here for the young guys.” If you meet a legend who’s coming in on the roster, he’s going to be active or a part-time man who’s going to be active. You’re not just here for the young lads, as I already know. I would prefer it if you would just tell me the truth; after all, I’m here for me as much as for some of you. It’s a cutthroat, competitive industry.

“Those who just say, ‘Hey, this is what I’d like to do, let’s do it,’ are the most transparent people I like.” “I’m here for the young guys” is the biggest red flag ever, at least in my opinion, whenever I hear it, which is not often and not anytime soon. He should explain them he was only here for himself, in my opinion.

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