Angel Reese reveals $50 million suggested for WNBA player.

Angel Reese reveals $50 million suggested for WNBA player.

Angel Reese, WNBA rookie, knew her game would translate to big leagues

Posts going viral suggested that the WNBA star’s actions on the floor were the cause.

Due to her actions on the court, WNBA player Angel Reese lost over $50 million in sponsorship deals.

Posts on Facebook, among other platforms, stated in mid-June 2024 that WNBA player Angel Reese was experiencing “financial turmoil” following the loss of $50 million in sponsorship deals:

This assertion was untrue. This tale first appeared on the website SpaceXMania, which openly labels the majority of its content—including the Angel Reese narrative—as satirical. The narrative attempted to link Reese’s actions against opponent Caitlin Clark on the court to his inability to secure sponsorship deals:

One of the most prominent figures in women’s basketball, Angel Reese, is in dire need of money after losing out on endorsement deals for about $50 million. This enormous loss has spurred a lot of conversation about the inconsistency of endorsement contracts, the demands placed on professional athletes, and the significance of money management. It also threatens to overshadow her remarkable career.

As of the time of publication, there is no proof that Reese is experiencing any kind of financial hardship or that she has lost any notable endorsement deals. The site categorizes articles that are “meant to be humorous” and “are often entirely made up” as “satire,” which is what the item was filed under.

In July 2023, Reese established a nonprofit organization to teach “young women and underrepresented groups” financial literacy and other skills. She started to share ownership of the DC Power Football Club, a brand-new professional women’s soccer team in Washington, D.C., in May 2024.

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Satire pages such as SpaceXMania frequently target Reese and Clark, with their content being misconstrued as actual news.

The allegation that Reese lost out on $50 million in endorsement opportunities is rated as “Labeled Satire” because it originates from a website whose content is clearly labeled as satirical.


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