“The Insiders: Ravens Star ranked among the best formidable opponent in NFL.

“The Insiders: Ravens Star ranked among the best formidable opponent in NFL.

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In 2023, the Baltimore Ravens’ defense ranked among the best, making them a formidable opponent for opposing offenses. Former defensive coordinator Roquan Smithwas somewhat to blame, but going forward, they will be depending on Zach Orr, the new defensive coordinator, to lead them.

Prominent safety Marcus Williams discussed the upcoming season and his new coach with NFL Network’s Brian Baldinger and Mike Garafolo on “The Insiders.” “Man, he definitely has the respect of the room,” Williams remarked.

Orr will be taking over for a team that has Super Bowl hopes in 2024, which will be his first season as an NFL defensive coordinator.

You are aware of my deep admiration for him. Williams said on NFL Network, “It’s the way he coaches us, the way he carries himself, and the way he listens to what we have to say.”

In a defense loaded with stars and veterans, Orr will have no shortage of talent to draw from. On the defensive side of the ball, three of the best players at their positions are safety Kyle Hamilton, linebacker Roquan Smith, and defensive end Justin Madubuike.

Orr will have a lot of assistance, but it will be his responsibility to place them in the best situations for success. Williams and CB Marlon Humphrey, among other important defenders, will offer the youthful coach further experience and seasoned leadership.

Marcus Williams

In 2024, Zach Orr Will Have Large Shoes to Fill
Surprisingly, Orr is younger than some of his players—just 32 years old—and has been in the NFL since 2014. The DC was selected by the Ravens in 2014 as an undrafted free agent, and he played linebacker for the team for three seasons, making the All-Pro Second Team.

Regretfully, as stated in his bio on the Ravens website, “He retired from the NFL in 2016 due to a congenital neck/spine condition, and then transitioned to coaching.”

Orr taught elite players like LB Terrell Suggs and Matthew Judon while serving as the defensive unit’s head coach and personnel assistant for the Ravens from 2017 to 2020.

According to his biography, Orr coached the outside linebackers for the Jacksonville Jaguars for one season (2021) before returning to Baltimore.

In 2022, he went back to coaching inside linebackers under Mike Macdonald, the defensive coordinator at the time. Known as one of the NFL’s greatest thinkers, Macdonald was a hot commodity in the coaching race following his two years of outstanding defense leadership with the Ravens.

Following the 2023 season, Macdonald departed to accept a head coaching role with the Seattle Seahawks, leaving the DC post vacant. After careful consideration, the Ravens determined that Orr, an inside candidate, would be the most suitable successor.

Zach Orr’s age is not a concern for Marcus Williams
Asking Williams about Orr’s age and adding that “Kyle Van Noy is 33,” Garafolo set the tone for the conversation by asking him “how does he command the respect” of the players.

Williams remarked, “He comes in every day and puts in that time, that work,” showing absolutely no care about his age. Age is just a number, you know. Orr will have his job cut out for him if he wants to continue to dominate against the 2023 Ravens, who were the best in terms of points allowed and yards allowed.

Marcus Williams (cornerback) - Wikipedia

Williams asserted, “You put in that time and that effort to come out and be the best at your role as he did as a player, he’s gonna do as a coach,” indicating that he feels the coach has the mindset necessary for success.

Orr will need to bring the correct mindset to the position given the success of young coaches in the NFL, but as Williams puts it, “He’s also not gonna you know hold back just because he feels that we’re about the same age.” You can be sure he will continue to coach you hard and effectively.


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