NBA Trade: Utah Jazz have signed a $35 million top star from the Brooklyn Nets.

NBA Trade: Utah Jazz have signed a $35 million top star from the Brooklyn Nets.

Mikal Bridges on Nets, Jalen Brunson, Josh Hart, Villanova

What then might be the Jazz’s next major trend to watch? Among Utah’s most ambitious goals is the Brooklyn Nets swingman Mikal Bridges, a player to keep an eye on, according to league insiders. The Jazz are reportedly in the mix, with three of Bridges’ current college colleagues playing in New York and Houston, which has the No. 3 pick, among the clubs still inquiring with Brooklyn regarding the availability of its 27-year-old swingman. In addition to selling into their own cap room, the Jazz have large salaries for veterans Jordan Clarkson ($14 million) and John Collins ($26.5 million) to send out in any potential trade.

We appear to have a notion of who the Jazz would view as a “big game” potential. In comparison to his breakthrough season in 2022on2023 when he put up 26 points, 4.5 rebounds, 2.7 assists on 47% FG and 37% 3P, Mikal Bridges’ output last season was a little lower (19 points, 4.5 rebounds, 3.6 assists – 43% FG, 37% 3P). Still, those are excellent stats for a wing who can play on both sides of the court.

How Mikal Bridges Went From Supporting Player To Star | FiveThirtyEight

What would the Jazz have to give up in this trade, and what would the Nets demand in return, is the question. Fischer claims that the Rockets and Knicks are also involved in these talks. Will Utah be able to withstand a bidding war that results from this? Does the Jazz win by sending selections, as Fischer notes that they have Jordan Clarkson and John Collins available? Or does Brooklyn desire more up-and-coming talent? In a move such as this, it’s difficult to imagine that they wouldn’t at the very least be requesting one of Keyonte George or Taylor Hendricks. Would the state of Utah take the action?

With Simone Fontecchio’s departure from the Jazz last season, there was a significant void at small forward, thus in terms of roster building, this move makes sense. Although the Jazz’s guard play would still raise some concerns, it’s possible that they believe they can cover gaps with their cap space if they choose not to use it for this trade. In any case, this is an intriguing rumor that we should keep a close eye on.

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