El jugador estrella de los Red Sox recibió a un hijo recién nacido.

El jugador estrella de los Red Sox recibió a un hijo recién nacido.


The Celtics brought their championship trophy to Fenway Park before the first pitch of the Sox’s game against the Blue Jays, one week and one day after they defeated the Mavericks in five games in the NBA Finals. Team owners, officials, coaches, and players were introduced one by one. Joe Mazzulla, Kristaps Porzingis, Al Horford, and Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown had very warm welcomes when they finally came out together, Tatum holding the Larry O’Brien Trophy. First pitches were thrown out by Derrick White, Mazzulla, Brown, Horford, Porzingis, and Tatum.

The Red Sox were happy to be able to participate in the celebrations with their athletic neighbors at last. For both the championship parade and the game that decided the championship, the squad had been traveling.

“I wish we could have gone to the parade if we had played home games. However, the city’s excitement and enthusiasm are genuine. Reese McGuire, catcher, stated, “It’s really felt.” It’s a privilege to be able to represent a city that consistently wins in all sports, as you can see. And I’m hoping we can give them additional reasons to be happy.

Even though the team’s biggest hoops enthusiast, closer Kenley Jansen, had declined to don a jersey during a recent road trip with a Celtics theme, he still expressed gratitude for the NBA champions and their greeting.

Jansen stated, “Let’s be clear: I couldn’t wear that jersey as a Laker fan.” However, I’m delighted for those players and have a great deal of respect for them.

“Man, [the Celtics’ celebrations] demonstrated that this is a city of champions.” My goal in coming here was to win. I came here to rebuild, not to sign papers. I came to prevail. It was wonderful to witness them win a title. And maybe [the Red Sox] can work things out so that this squad can win a title as well.

For Red Sox players, the pictures of the parades and celebrations, along with Monday’s reception at Fenway, offered a tantalizing taste of what it can be like to reach the peak of their sport in Boston. While the majority of players saw the Celtics’ success as something to strive for, at least one thought that the Red Sox’s victory would surpass even what he had been witnessing in the past few days.

“It is my belief that no sport can match baseball in terms of its challenges, the numerous elements involved in achieving victory, the degree of chance involved in timing victories, the length of the season, and the amount of roster turnover, organizational depth, and moving parts involved in a successful season,” first baseman Triston Casas stated. “No celebration ought to be comparable to a baseball celebration. It surpasses all other sports and seasons in my opinion and is the greatest season in the world. Clearly.

“I like basketball. However, nothing compares to a Red Sox parade.

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