Phil Parkinson reacts first to Arthur Okonkwo’s signing of a Wrexham contract.

Phil Parkinson reacts first to Arthur Okonkwo’s signing of a Wrexham contract.

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The first signing of the summer can finally be celebrated by Wrexham supporters, as Phil Parkinson persuaded a well-known figure to make a permanent comeback.

More than two months have passed since Wrexham’s promotion to League One, but the transfer market has not moved very quickly.

Following the expiration of their contracts, Luke Young, Ben Tozer, and Aaron Hayden were among the players who Phil Parkinson let go.

Although Wrexham hasn’t made much progress in the transfer market thus far, it appears that this cleared the way for new players.

Although fans have been eager to see Rob McElhenney and Ryan Reynolds’ newest acquisition, the first summer signing is actually a familiar face.

With a placard for Wrexham, Arthur Okonkwo
Ben Foster started the previous campaign for Wrexham, hoping to improve on his exploits that earned him promotion. Foster is a former England international.

Only a few weeks into the League Two season, Foster decided to quit because he didn’t think playing would benefit him or Wrexham.

Arthur Okonkwo was brought in as Wrexham was compelled to look for a new goalkeeper as a result.

The Arsenal player signed a season-long loan agreement for STōK Cae Ras, where he eventually became a devoted fan favorite.

Given that Arsenal released Okonkwo this summer, Wrexham supporters have been pleading for his permanent homecoming.

Before Okonkwo bid his final goodbye to Arsenal this weekend, McElhenney gave Wrexham fans optimism of a trade earlier in June.

Okonkwo’s signature was highly sought after, but Wrexham has now secured his permanent return.

With Okonkwo signing a three-year contract with Wrexham, Parkinson and company have made a huge coup by securing a top goalkeeper for the foreseeable future.

Responding to the Okonkwo transaction, Phil Parkinson
Following Mark Howard’s recent one-year contract signing, Wrexham now have one slot secured.

With Luke McNicholas also joining the team, manager Parkinson will have plenty of choices for goalkeeping going into the League One season.

Now that Okonkwo has returned, Parkinson has commented, stating on Wrexham’s official website that he is “delighted” with the decision.

With his “outstanding” performances from the previous season, Okonkwo is “such an important” addition, according to the Wrexham manager.

Parkinson expressed gratitude for the work being done at Wrexham in the background and expressed satisfaction that a genuine top aim has finally been attained.

“We are overjoyed to have the signing. It’s really significant to us,” Parkinson remarked. “Arthur was fantastic for us last season, and we’ve been working really hard to get him signed ever since the season ended.”

We’ve always said it’s crucial to have perseverance to try to attain your number one aim, and Arthur certainly was that. So, it’s a fantastic compliment to all the effort that has gone on behind the scenes. We think it’s a fantastic first summer signing,” he continued.

Now that the first summer signing is complete, Wrexham needs more players.

Parkinson will undoubtedly be eager to acquire midfield players as well as center backs, with Okonkwo undoubtedly going to get to know some new colleagues in the upcoming weeks.

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