NBA Trade: Jazz announce the signing of $22 million star player.

NBA Trade: Jazz announce the signing of $22 million star player.

NBA: Hawks' Clint Capela (knee) to have MRI ahead of Heat series - Yahoo  Sports

Big men of starting caliber seem to be widely available for trade. According to league sources who spoke with Yahoo Sports, the Bucks are considering reorganizing their roster and determining Brook Lopez’s trade value. When the Rockets tried to sign Lopez in free agency last year, sources claim Houston warned him that re-signing with Milwaukee may very probably result in his eventual being dealt. Clint Capela, a seasoned center who is approaching the last year of a contract that still owes the 30-year-old rim protector $22 million, is reportedly being pursued by Atlanta. Utah is thought by rival teams to be open to trade negotiations that would involve parting ways with Jazz second-year center Walker.Kessler. Additionally, league sources claim that the Detroit Pistons are assessing the Isaiah Stewart market.

You have to take this with a grain of salt because it comes from “rival teams,” but there have also been whispers that Kessler and the Jazz may not agree on certain points. There does seem to be a small disconnect there, based on our recent conversation about this with Andy Larsen of the Salt Lake Tribune.

Another thing that strikes me in this situation is how close Kessler seems to be to Lauri Markkanen. Does this imply Utah isn’t concerned about moving to appease Markkanen? That may not signify anything, but in my opinion, it’s encouraging for the team’s future. Utah is obviously open to offers under this front office, even for Markkanen, which is encouraging for their decision-making process. Being dependent on a player and their desires is the last thing you want for a team.

Clint Capela and Atlanta Hawks agree contract extension until 2024-25, in a  deal worth over $82 million | NBA News | Sky Sports

Are teams hoping to acquire Walker Kessler in the upcoming draft if they don’t get Donovan Clingan? For example, would the Jazz be open to hearing from the Memphis Grizzlies? Soon, we’ll find out.

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