Boston Celtics Promote 2008 Champion has Assistant coach.

Boston Celtics Promote 2008 Champion has Assistant coach.

This season, as the Boston Celtics soared to dominance, Sam Cassell brought incredible value to Joe Mazzulla’s staff.

After winning a championship in 2008 while playing for Boston, Cassell added another championship to his career in 2024 with the Celtics. His influence is widespread throughout the organization, leading the team to reward him and guarantee his presence in the future.

According to Marc Stein and Fan Nation’s Bobby Krivitsky, the Celtics are reportedly planning to promote Cassell on Mazzulla’s staff for the upcoming season.

Before the Los Angeles Lakers hired J.J. Redick, Cassell had been discussing other roles with various league staff and even as a potential candidate for the head coaching position.

Cassell returns to Boston without any other offers to help the Celtics defend their NBA championship. The team has the opportunity to challenge the league once again when it returns to the dominant roster.


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