Angel Reese sent a massage to the Chicago describing his self.

Angel Reese sent a massage to the Chicago describing his self.


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Due to her history of horrific injuries, WNBA rookie phenom Angel Reese sometimes doubted if playing basketball was worthwhile.

On a 2023 episode of the “I Am Athlete” podcast, which was hosted by former wide receiver Brandon Marshall of the New York Jets and Ashley Nicole Moss, Reese remarked, “My freshman year at the University of Maryland, I broke my foot.”

Reese had to rehabilitate for 12 weeks after the surgery to implant a screw in his injured foot.

“I had to have another foot operation eight months after my first one. Reese remembered, “so I had to have a rod put into my leg.” “I had a shin splint, so there was a rod going through my leg. My self-assurance entirely evaporated. “Do I still want to play basketball?” I asked myself.

In addition, Reese disclosed on the podcast that she covers the scars from the tibia surgery on her left leg by wearing a leg sleeve every time.

Reese went on, “Like, I had high expectations.” It’s assumed by all that I will do this. But I had lost all faith in my ability to succeed. because I keep losing my love for the game even after I thought I had it back.

Reese continued by describing how, the summer before her sophomore year at Maryland, she joined a USA women’s amateur basketball team. She was forced to decide between having surgery and realizing her dream of playing for Team USA due of her shin problem.

Surgery was her choice. Reese had a productive second season at Maryland, scoring 17.8 points and 10.6 rebounds per game, after recovering.

She believed that this was her time to go after that season. I believe I’ve accomplished everything I could at Maryland, and I’ve developed as a woman intellectually. Where can I go right now?

After that, she decided to move to LSU, calling it the “scariest decision of her life.” History is what’s left.

Recent Interview with Angel Reese Suggested Mental Health Issues
Steve Greenberg of the Chicago Sun-Times conducted an interview with Angel Reese, who currently plays for the Chicago Sky, for a piece that was published on June 18.

After a few questions, Greenberg observed that one- or two-word responses were the norm. And that something wasn’t right, despite the fact that Reese had simply dismissed a few questions with a dismissive “I’m good.”

“I’m just keeping it short and sweet because I know how y’all like to twist my words,” Reese remarked.

She said, “I can’t trust any of y’all,” referring to WNBA media members, to Greenberg. “I’m just letting you know, nothing fancy.”

Greenberg also discussed the “Chi Barbie” with Teresa Weatherspoon, head coach of the Chicago Sky.

Regarding her rookie, Weatherspoon remarked, “I think sometimes we fail to realize what the athlete might think.” “What is she contemplating? What is her emotional state?

Weatherspoon responded, “She’s fine,” when questioned about Reese’s mental health at the time. “She will be alright. Well, she’s alright.

The Chicago Sky’s Rookie Season of Angel Reese
In her first season with the Sky, Angel Reese is performing admirably. The “Chi Barbie” has averaged 12.4 points and 10.8 rebounds per game through 14 games. Her league-leading 4.9 offensive rebounds per game and her 10.8 rebounds per game rank her second and third respectively among all WNBA players.

After Reese, this player averages 3.2 offensive rebounds per game, which puts him in second place.

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