LeBron James sent Cam Newton a harsh message.

LeBron James sent Cam Newton a harsh message.


LeBron James considering retirement after Los Angeles Lakers swept by  Denver Nuggets – 'I've got a lot to think about' | CNN

Many years prior to his NFL MVP Award, a 15-1 regular season record, and the Carolina Panthers’ second-ever Super Bowl appearance, Cam Newton was a five-star prospect being recruited by some of the nation’s top college football programs, including Oklahoma, Georgia, Virginia Tech, and Florida. He is similar to LeBron James of the Los Angeles Lakers in this aspect.

Turn the clock back to 2001, when LeBron James was also a five-star prospect being recruited by some of the top college football programs in the nation. This was several years before he signed endorsement deals with Nike, McDonald’s, Sprite, and Beats, and a full ten years before he won his first of four NBA titles. Even with his exceptional skill on the field, LeBron James was never going to play in a significant college football game. On the hardwood, once-in-a-generation brilliance beckoned. Since then, LeBron has used the Madden NFL video game to satisfy his need for football, and it looks as though a high-profile matchup between two MVPs could occur (digitally) soon.

To provide further context, it’s important to note that Anthony Davis, in an interview on Join The Lobby Pod, related the tale of LeBron James’s struggle to become one of the best Madden players in the world after the Lakers lost several Madden matches during the 2020 NBA Bubble.

Davis recounted on the show, “It made him to the point where he was like, ‘I’m locking back in.'” “I believe he’s currently in the top 1000 worldwide when I say he locked back in, from that point onwards in the bubble to the present. He told us late in the season that he had defeated, I believe, the 164th-best player in the world.

Despite having actual NFL experience, I don’t think Cam Newton is prepared for what King James will throw at him with the sticks.

Not only was LeBron James a five-star recruit in high school, but more than that. It’s because, as a junior, he was the top-ranked football recruit in Ohio.

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