Wrexham have sign partnership with unplayable” striker.

Wrexham have sign partnership with unplayable” striker.

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A “unplayable” striker could be signed by Phil Parkinson to accompany Paul Mullin at Wrexham before their League One season.

Finding Paul Mullin a long-term strike partner at Wrexham this summer is one of Phil Parkinson’s top goals.

He wants someone to take up a portion of the responsibilities and lessen Mullin’s load when it comes to scoring goals.

Even if Steven Fletcher signed a new contract this week, Parkinson still needs a good striker to play most weeks because his current partners, Ollie Palmer and Steven Fletcher, aren’t clinical enough to be a regular next to the Liverpudlian in the third division.

Which type of striker is Wrexham seeking?
There are seven strikers at Wrexham right now, and each one has a different set of skills.

Billy Waters, Jake Bickerstaff, and Sam Dalby are not mentioned in the chat because they will probably be released on loan or permanently, but the other four are.

Jack Marriott is an insider predator who gets his best advantage by coming from behind. As Fletcher and Palmer are two target men who engage in aerial duels with opponents and hold up the ball to let their teammates to score, he now serves as Mullin’s backup.

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Parkinson may be able to sign a Championship striker on loan who would be Mullin’s ideal partner in the short term, but in the long run, he will want to replace the two seasoned target men.


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