WNBA Coach Makes a Dismissive Exchange to Angel Reese.

WNBA Coach Makes a Dismissive Exchange to Angel Reese.


Angel Reese was 'upset' with mentor Shaquille O'Neal in phone call over  Charles Barkley's Caitlin Clark rant: 'Why didn't you say nothing?' | Daily  Mail Online

One of the most divisive athletes of all time is still Angel Reese. Sports, not just the WNBA. Both her supporters and detractors, as well as the media from all angles, follow her every move. Particularly the latter.

She doesn’t trust them in return.

That’s exactly what Reese said. The youngster, who is 22 years old, has no faith in the media.

That was made very evident on Tuesday night during a heated discussion with local Chicago reporters. She remained silent when questioned. She purposely made the decision to answer quickly.

Her response was straightforward, according to Steve Greenberg of the Chicago Sun Times. Nevertheless, it was more audible than anything verbose.

After a few questions, it became evident that one- or two-word responses were the norm. And that something wasn’t right, despite the fact that Reese had simply dismissed a few questions with the remark, “I’m good.”

— Steve Greenberg

Reese gave a precise explanation of her thoughts when asked to explain her two-word responses.

Since you guys like to misinterpret anything I say, I’ll just make it brief and sweet.

I have no faith in any of you. I’m just letting you know, nothing fancy.


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— Angel Reese
The WNBA season is about to end, and it will be interesting to see if this strategy holds true before the Olympics. Maybe Reese was just not feeling well and wasn’t having a good day. Perhaps she was merely attempting to make a point and would continue the next time. Perhaps this is the way she will always approach news conferences.

No matter what Angel Reese’s future in the media holds, the front office of the Chicago Sky would probably prefer it if its star player showed more grace. Even if the ongoing agitation caused by her actions attracts more attention to the squad and the sport in general…

Teresa Weatherspoon, the head coach, seems unconcerned about Reese’s impasse. Reese is the greater concern for her. Her well-being is a matter of concern.

I believe that occasionally we overlook what the athlete may be thinking. What is going through her mind? What is her emotional state? It seems like there’s always something wrong with what she says when she speaks, so sometimes we just don’t notice that. Something about her actions is off. That appears to be the case. However, what counts most is what our team does together here.

— Witherspoon, Teresa

Sadly, nothing improves despite Weatherspoon mentioning “what we do here as a team.”

The Sky are among the WNBA’s bottom three clubs. Chicago is 4–9. Right now, “we do here as a team” nothing but lose.

Regarding Reese in particular, Weatherspoon made a tiny error that appeared to provide some context.

She is alright. She will be alright. She’s okay, really.

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— Teresa Weatherspoon
Something is off with that messaging. Is she okay, or will she be okay? Is “fine” a desirable state?

Even though she brought a lot of it upon herself, Reese is obviously having difficulty with the outside viewpoint and ongoing narratives about her character. It’s challenging! The whole “I’m good” spiel sounds like an attempt to cut down on conversation, but it’s not working. It might even make matters worse.

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