The Yankees To Re-Sign Their Underappreciated Offseason Purchase.

The Yankees To Re-Sign Their Underappreciated Offseason Purchase.

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For the Bronx faithful, Alex Verdugo has transformed from competitor to idol after signing with the New York Yankees. Unquestionably, he adds value to the talented New York team, but will he still be there at season’s end? It had to be. The Yankees need to find a way to re-sign Alex Verdugo in the offseason because of the X-factor he offers to the team.

Heart of a Dawg: The Yankees Need to Re-Sign Alex Verdugo

There were not high hopes when outfielder Alex Verdugo was traded to the Yankees in the summer. The majority of supporters believed he would just be a temporary fix until Jasson Dominguez returned, lasting no longer than a year. When weighed against the historic agreement to acquire Juan Soto, the trade itself seemed insignificant. After only six months, he has become the franchise’s mainstay, and the New York fans are enamored with him and his “dawg” way of thinking.

He’s been everything and more for Yankees supporters in a short-term answer. His effect has been evident with a batting line of.261/.315/.425 and 41 RBI through 72 games. Has he earned a spot in the team’s future plans, is the query.

Could The Yankees Sign Him Again?
Indeed, if they so desired, they could re-sign him. He wouldn’t be requesting as much money as Aaron Judge or Gerrit Cole, which is actually encouraging for a company with a large workforce. Whether they want to is a more pertinent question.

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Despite the fact that he has performed above and above expectations, the Yankees front management still has plans for the future. The first thing on the list is giving Juan Soto a blank check and informing him that money is no object in order to ensure that he signs a long-term contract. There is no disputing Verdugo’s performance; on the other hand, Soto has excelled. He and Judge will therefore be locked into two lineup cards for a very long time, provided the Soto deal goes through. It’s difficult to see the Yankees using Verdugo consistently when you consider that the team’s top two prospects, Jason Dominguez and Spencer Jones, are outfielders who are nearly ready for the major leagues.

What’s In Store for the Future
It’s really difficult to find chemistry in athletics. It appears to be the difference between serious competitors and overpriced pretenders. It appears Verdugo is a major factor in the camaraderie this Yankees squad enjoys. It’s no surprise that the team has appeared more passionate than it has in recent years since he started playing for the pinstripes. The rest of the team has been affected by Verdugo’s heart-on-sleeve playing style, and those kinds of players are rare these days.

Alex Verdugo feeling blue as Dodgers race toward postseason and Red Sox  blanked by Blue Jays - The Boston Globe

Maybe Verdugo and New York can come to an agreement, but for now that doesn’t appear likely. Plans are subject to change at any time, and although it appears more likely that GM Brian Cashman will let Verdugo leave, it’s possible that he may have an insane season and force the Yankees to lock him into a contract. So, while you can, enjoy the “Year of the Dawg,” Yankees fans. It will undoubtedly be a memorable one.


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