Ryan Garcia explains the real reason behind his beef with Michael Jordan

Ryan Garcia explains the real reason behind his beef with Michael Jordan

Ryan Garcia claims he's 'officially retired' from boxing

When Ryan Garcia declared Michael Jordan to be the greatest athlete of all time, he did it with ruthlessness.

Garcia was a guest on the most recent episode of Kick Game’s Shopping for Sneakers.

In an odd outburst, the boxing great also took aim at NBA legend Michael Jordan while declaring him the sporting GOAT.

When asked who the greatest athlete of all time was, Garcia responded without hesitation: “Muhammad Ali.”

Naturally, Ali had a fantastic career in the boxing ring and went above and beyond the sport with his unselfish efforts off the mat.

Garcia lost it when the host made a reference to the former Chicago Bulls player by pointing to a pair of Air Jordans.

The 25-year-old said that Jordan ‘didn’t do sh*t’ for people and that he thought more highly of the deceased Kobe Bryant.

“No, Michael Jordan didn’t help the people in any way. Jordan produced a pair of shoes,” he cried out. “I don’t care whether you get six rings; what matters is what you did outside of the court. Hey, what were you up to outside of court? I enjoy Kobe. [Bryant]

superior to him.”

But Garcia ended on a positive note by saying that his father adores Jordan.

“My dad is a Chicago native who adores Jordan. Jordan is fine; I met him,” he continued.

As previously said, Jordan became a cultural hero during his time with the Bulls after winning an incredible six NBA titles.

Fierce Rival Suspected Ryan Garcia Was 'On Something' Before Devin Haney  Test Results - Seconds Out

Conversely, Bryant is considered by many to be among the best players in NBA history, having won five titles.

He tragically died in a helicopter accident back in 2020.

Garcia hasn’t competed since his decisive victory against Devin Haney in April of last year.

But in addition to missing weight for the super-lightweight match, he also tested positive for the performance-enhancing substance ostarine.


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