the $189 million Warriors star wants to join the Lakers.

the $189 million Warriors star wants to join the Lakers.

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Now that the Boston Celtics have taken the lead with their 18th NBA championship, the Los Angeles Lakers will need to put in some effort during the offseason. Though the notion is still implausible, one name is still associated with the Lakers.

Klay Thompson of the Golden State Warriors would “love” to join the Lakers, but the financials make that unlikely, according to ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith. The analyst thinks the Knicks have a far higher chance of succeeding than the Lakers.

“Well, in an ideal world, Klay would love to be in Los Angeles,” Smith said on “First Take,” June 17, 2024. Everyone is aware of that. I am referring to the Lakers. Could you even imagine, really?

He would really like to be there, but they can’t accommodate it. But I’d advise you to grow to love New York.

Klay Thompson

NBA Player Klay Thompson Is Clearly Associated with the Lakers

Because of his close relationship to the Lakers, Thompson has been associated with the team throughout his career. Nevertheless, over his NBA career, Thompson has re-signed with the Warriors whenever the chance arose.

The standout guard was born and raised in Southern California. Mychal Thompson, the father of Thompson, was a player for the Lakers and is now employed by the franchise as a television analyst. The guard’s sole chance of signing a contract with the Lakers in Los Angeles would be through a difficult sign-and-trade, unless Thompson chose to play for less money.

In NBA Free Agency, Klay Thompson is looking for a three-year contract.

Thompson recently finished a massive $189 million, five-year contract with Golden State. What Thompson can command in free agency on the open market is still to be seen. Thompson reportedly wants a three-year contract, at the very least, according to Monte Poole of NBC Sports’ Bay Area.

In an article published on June 17 under the headline “Barbosa hopes Klay prioritizes happiness in free-agent decision,” Poole stated, “Gone are the days when Thompson was among the NBA’s best two-way wings, an All-Defensive team selection whose exceptional shooting was the basis for five consecutive trips to the All-Star game.” “He can still score 30 or 40 goals on any given night, but his defensive versatility has decreased along with frequency and efficiency.”

“Thompson understands he won’t see anything like his contract, which is set to expire and has a maximum value of $190 million over five years. League sources that he is looking for a contract that would last at least three years.

Klay Thompson and the Magic are still connected in NBA free agency.

The Orlando Magic are one team that is itching to get more shooting in the offseason. The Magic and Thompson are still being linked as NBA free agency draws closer. Shams Charania and Anthony Slater of The Athletic said that Thompson and Orlando had a “mutual interest.”

The item “Klay Thompson to join Team Bahamas in Houston for Olympic training camp: Sources” published on June 17 by Charania and Slater stated, “That, of course, is in the heart of NBA free agency, which officially begins June 30.” One of the most well-known names on the market, Thompson’s future with the Golden State Warriors is still up in the air.

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“Thompson has demonstrated an interest in considering outside choices for the first time in his professional life. League insiders claim that Thompson and the Orlando Magic still have mutual interest. The Warriors have stated unequivocally that they wish to have Thompson return in the appropriate capacity and at the proper cost.

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