Breaking: NFL fans adopted significant departure.

Breaking: NFL fans adopted significant departure.

On Tuesday, the Baltimore Ravens made headlines around the globe when they unveiled a new purple helmet that they want to wear in 2024.

On Tuesday, the Baltimore Ravens were the topic of the NFL. The Ravens spiced up the festivities with the unveiling of their new helmets, even though the season is still a few months away.

The new helmets that Baltimore has adopted are a significant departure from the ones that the club has worn all season.

And a lot of folks appeared to like it!

The Ravens bragged, “The Kings of the North have new crowns.”

Baltimore then updated a post with more information about the helmet.

Purple helmets have always been associated with the Vikings, so this is a big shift. Furthermore, it is a reasonable one. Throughout the team’s entire history, Baltimore has used purple uniforms. It seems only fitting that they take a chance on it now, donning a stylish new helmet.

The NFL community as a whole responded quite favorably to that new helmet. not just from admirers either!

There’s no indication on when the Ravens will unveil this new style, but when they do, you can count on them to look fantastic.


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