Breaking: Five imaginings for Los Angeles Rams in 2024

Breaking: Five imaginings for Los Angeles Rams  in 2024


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The Los Angeles Rams are only three years away from lifting the Lombardi Trophy, yet it seems like a long time ago since they won the Super Bowl.

Although a lot has changed since this team was at the top of the mountain, head coach Sean McVay is still on the sidelines, and many of the important players are still on the roster. What therefore needs to happen for this Rams squad to look back on 2024 as more than just a successful season, if we’re planning ahead?

Assume that all goes well and that goals are realized. What could actually happen?

The Rams defense vaults into the top ten
When it came to yards and points allowed per game in 2023, the Rams defense was in the bottom third of the league in most major categories. They did, however, seem to go above and above, which is why Raheem Morris was appointed head coach.

The defense as a whole will have more possibility to rise if the front seven keeps getting better and the Rams are able to get to the quarterback more often and consistently. Last season, Los Angeles finished No. 12 in the NFL and fared rather well against the run. More work needs to be done on the pass defense, and it all begins up front.

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We might witness an exponential increase if the Rams can increase their number of sacks from 41 in 2023 to 48–50 in the upcoming season. It’s definitely feasible given that this team allocated a significant amount of draft resources to the defense this season.


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