Insider: The Yankees have landed a $40 million three-time all-star to replace Anthony Rizzo.

Insider: The Yankees have landed a $40 million three-time all-star to replace Anthony Rizzo.


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When the trade deadline comes around, the New York Yankees might try to improve their infield. The team may specifically be trying to upgrade at first base. In 2024, Anthony Rizzo has had difficulty and has not demonstrated many indications of improvement. Jim Bowden of The Athletic recommended Vladimir Guerrero Jr. as a trade candidate to replace Rizzo at first base.

With a record of 33–35, the Toronto Blue Jays are three games out of the third American League wild card slot. At the deadline, they might actually become sellers, but there’s no assurance.

Before the trade deadline, Bowden stated, “The Yankees will keep an eye on the right side of their infield in the hopes that both first baseman Anthony Rizzo and second baseman Gleyber Torres start producing at a higher rate.” The Yankees will consider their trade possibilities if they don’t. Players like Pete Alonso or Vladimir Guerrero Jr. may become available at first base depending on which clubs withdraw from the race, whether specific players sign contract extensions, and other circumstances.

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The Future of Rizzo Considering the Yankees
This season, Rizzo’s batting average is just.221 and his slugging percentage is just.332. The 34-year-old is an important member of the Yankees organization. In 2022, he inked a $40 million, two-year contract. He has a $17 million club option that includes a $6 million buyout in 2025.

Rizzo’s future is dependent on his output as well as the Yankees’ pursuit of Juan Soto and worries about their payroll.

Owner Hal Steinbrenner called the Yankees’ $300 million payroll “not sustainable” at the May 22 owners meetings.

According to the New York Post, Steinbrenner stated, “I’m gonna be honest, payrolls at the levels we’re at right now are simply not sustainable for us financially.” “Considering the luxury tax we must pay, it wouldn’t be sustainable for the vast majority of ownership [groups].”

Should the team decide to cut salary in addition to Soto, Rizzo might be the victim of their pursuit. The Yankees could have paid everyone if Steinbrenner had not been worried about the $300 million payroll.

The Athletic’s Chris Kirschner broke down the Yankees’ salary and said, “Rizzo may become a casualty of the team’s Soto pursuit because the Yankees seem committed to saving money in spots they can.”

Rizzo is inferior to Guerrero.
Guerrero is a three-time All-Star, Silver Slugger, and Gold Glove Award winner. Prior to the 2024 season, he prevailed in his arbitration process. His $19.9 million pay was the largest ever given in a matter resolved through a hearing. In terms of money, Guerrero won’t be less expensive than Rizzo. He won’t be a free agent until 2026, but he is still eligible for arbitration.


Vladimir Guerrero Jr. wins record $19.9 million in salary arbitration  against Toronto Blue Jays | AP News
The Blue Jays might be more likely to develop for the future and trade their stars at the deadline.

“I don’t think they’re against it,” a nameless official told Mark Feinsand of “They have discussed it with teams. The requests were absurd, but I believe they’ll try to retool a lot, and one way to achieve that would be to use those guys to get components.

Guerrero’s OPS is.778 and his batting average is.281. Juan Soto’s stay in the Bronx will be the Yankees’ first goal throughout the offseason. But if Rizzo isn’t putting up enough work, the Yankees might consider trading for Guerrero. If they do not want to pay Guerrero, they could trade him in the winter because it would throw off their plans to keep Soto.


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