Breaking: Michael Jordan react at legendary death.

Breaking: Michael Jordan react at legendary death.


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Following Jerry West’s passing on Wednesday, Michael Jordan was one of several NBA players to send their respects.

The NBA community was greatly affected by the death of Basketball Hall of Famer Jerry West on Wednesday at the age of 86.

West’s influence on the NBA is evident—he is literally its logo. Before establishing himself as one of the best front office executives the Association has ever seen, he was a renowned player for the Los Angeles Lakers. Creating dynasties with the Lakers and Golden State Warriors was part of that.

A passing like that rocked the NBA world. Up till his passing, West had continued to play basketball. Of all the figures in the history of the game, he is the most admired.

Reactions to West’s death greatly heightened this. Among other things, GOAT Michael Jordan issued a statement.

“The news of Jerry’s passing has left me incredibly grieved. To me, he was more like an elder brother than a friend and mentor. I appreciated his knowledge and kindness. As I got to know him more, I realized that although I always wanted to compete against him, I really would have preferred to be his colleague.

I respected his basketball observations, and there were a lot of parallels between our approaches to the game. His absence will never go away. My sympathies go out to his sons and his wife, Karen.

Following Jerry West’s death, Michael Jordan and others respond

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As was already said, West had a significant influence on a number of basketball players. This was well demonstrated by the reactions following his death on Wednesday.

Tyronn Lue, the head coach of the Los Angeles Clippers, made a passionate message.

Pat Riley, the president of the Miami Heat’s front office and a former head coach of the Los Angeles Lakers, also issued a statement.

“Jerry West was my favorite! Together, we cherished our Lakers; it was holy territory. Together, we experienced both the best and worst moments of life as we developed as people. We can only hope that someone we encounter at a pivotal moment in our lives will transform us in ways beyond our wildest imaginations. For me, that someone was Jerry. His passing was announced today, and the news brought back a lot of those memorable times spent with Jerry.

Tears streamed down my face as those lovely memories hit me so quickly. They were all so clear and deeply ingrained in my memory. It seemed like yesterday when we would dash to Hollis Johnson’s pharmacy in Westwood following a shootaround at The Forum to indulge in the greatest burgers, milkshakes, and delicious custard pudding with freshly whipped cream before retiring for the night. When it came time to play, Jerry would kick people with such skill and tenacity.

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West and Riley played on Magic Johnson’s Showtime Lakers squad in the 1980s. In addition, he issued a statement when the depressing news from Wednesday was made public.


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