Breaking: Everton owners order to turn the team around” offer as an £800 million claim

Breaking: Everton owners order to turn the team around” offer as an £800 million claim


Everton owner Farhad Moshiri happy with start to Premier League season |  Football News | Sky Sports

According to Bryan King, any new Everton owners would have to be willing to put up to £800 million in order to turn the team around.

The Telegraph (10 June) reports that the club is valued at more than £400 million. However, the club’s debt for their new stadium makes a takeover difficult.

An all-equity acquisition bid of £400 million has been put forward by a group of Middle Eastern, Australian, and US investors headed by Vatche Manoukian, an Armenian living in London.

Their goal is to assist in reducing the debt of the club.

Everton owner Moshiri admits he has 'a lot of faith' in Lampard but warns  over fan-driven sackings

However, King believes that cleaning up the mess at Everton would end up costing far more in the long run. King made this claim exclusively to Goodison News.

According to King, “any new investors need to help clear the club’s debt.”

“Some stability is needed in Everton.” I doubt that £400 million would be able to make things more apparent. I believe the amount we should be discussing should be as high as £800 million.

“There are stadium payments and loans to make.” The numbers being stated, in my opinion, are lower than what is required to put Everton back on track.

Whenever someone completes a takeover at Goodison Park, Everton can end up being expensive.
A massive undertaking awaits anyone decides to attempt an Everton takeover.

Under Farhad Moshiri’s leadership, the Toffees have declined and gotten into a bit of a financial crisis.

If anything, the easy part of a takeover is probably finishing it. The tricky part will be what comes next.

Thus, the person who finishes a takeover at Goodison Park will have to make sure they’re prepared for the assignment.

In other Everton news, if Vatche Manoukian completes a takeover, a well-known manager might be named.

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