Sadnews: Boston top man announce is departure after quarrelling with officials

Sadnews: Boston top man announce is departure after quarrelling with officials


Joe Mazzulla: Celtics name Joe Mazzulla as new head coach. Details here -  The Economic Times

Even though the Dallas Mavericks were behind the Boston Celtics 2-0 in the NBA Finals, guard Kyrie Irving told his teammates, “We’re fine.”

“I have said this all year: sometimes the best teacher is failure. It may motivate you to do amazing things, Irving told media following Tuesday’s Mavericks practice, according to transcripts supplied by the league.

Irving stated that the Mavericks are aware of their opponent—the squad with the greatest regular-season record—the intense competition in the Finals, and the necessity for them to adapt as players on the court.

“The coaching team is doing a fantastic job of getting us ready. However, it is our responsibility as athletes to make such changes and exert even more effort,” he stated. “We want to extend our lead a little bit, especially when the game is getting a little out of balance.”

The eight-time All-Star said that none of the players in this group have ever attended the Finals, and he is giving his colleagues confidence.

Irving remarked, “A lot of it is just a learning curve for myself and for my teammates.” Additionally, we offer each other the assurance that we want to give ourselves a shot by throwing caution to the wind, playing our hardest, and doing our best to prepare.

“We’ve been focused on putting our best foot forward, feeling like we’re home, and letting our game speak for itself ever since Game 2 ended.”

The Mavericks host Boston at American Airlines Center for Game 3 on Wednesday night in an attempt to avoid falling behind the Celtics 3-0. As he left the court on Sunday night, Irving seemed to be telling the Boston Celtics supporters that he would see them again in Game 5.


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