Sadnews: a five star announce is departure after quarrelling with is coach

Sadnews: a five star announce is departure after quarrelling with is coach


Ronnie Stanley

As the finest left tackle in the NFL in 2019, Ronnie Stanley was named to the first team of the All-Pro team.

Stanley wants to regain that stature. And Stanley feels as good as he has felt since the beginning of the 2020 season—healthy enough to be that guy—for the first time in years.

“I’m without a doubt the best tackle if I’m playing to my standard, the way I usually play,” Stanley declared on Tuesday after the first day of the minicamp.

After breaking his ankle in Week 7 of 2020, only a few days after agreeing to a deal that made him the highest-paid tackle in the league, Stanley has had a difficult journey. Stanley’s 2020 season was cut short by the injury, and he only participated in one game in 2021 before deciding to have additional ankle surgery.

Stanley made a comeback to play 11 games in 2022 and 13 games in 2023, but his strength and mobility were restricted due to a knee injury he sustained early in the season. He was just not as healthy as he once was, and it had a negative psychological and physical impact.

“It was killing me on the inside, knowing that I wasn’t playing to my potential,” Stanley stated. “But I’m moving on from last year.”

Ronnie Stanley in 'No Rush' for a New Contract

Stanley made a commitment to improving his strength and fitness during the offseason, and the results have been outstanding. Since the start of OTAs, he has been a recurring figure, projecting a slender, powerful, and resolute image. Although Stanley’s pads haven’t yet come on, it’s clear that his physical condition has improved.

The sixth-[add]overall pick in 2016 was thrilled to play in Baltimore for his ninth season, and he announced that he had consented to renegotiate his deal in March.

“For me, Baltimore feels like a second home,” Stanley remarked. Missing a great deal of time If I didn’t leave Baltimore on the note I wanted to, I think I would regret it a little bit.

“I just take every season as if it would be my last.”

With Kevin Zeitler and Morgan Moses gone, Stanley is the offensive line’s most seasoned player. Although the Ravens will start three new players up front, it would help to stabilize things up front if Stanley were to return to his role as an anchor on the left side.

Head Coach John Harbaugh stated, “What I see from Ronnie is he’s moving his feet, he’s got a good anchor, and he’ll get into the pads and just work.” “Obviously, having a talented left tackle playing at a high level will be really good for our football team.”

The Ravens now have a formidable weapon in running back Derrick Henry, and Stanley is ready to block for a guy who can make any play memorable. This offseason, Stanley and his offensive linemates are getting to know Henry better since they know they’re playing behind a unique player who can wear down opponents.

“I think it’s going to be very physical football, smashmouth football,” Stanley stated. In addition, he is a sly player. In order to make the runs as effective a play for him as possible, I’m looking forward to blocking for him and finding out more about the kinds of things he observes throughout a run.”

Stanley wants everyone to know that, despite being thirty years old, he is still gifted and young enough to be that guy. Stanley is conscious that, as the eldest offensive line starter, he provides an example to his younger teammates.

Stanley remarked, “We had a little more veteran presence last year.” “A lot of fresh players have joined the club and will play a role in the offensive.

All in a Day With Ronnie Stanley - Baltimore Magazine

“The individual you play next to matters a lot. merely ensuring that there is clear communication from the huddle to the line of scrimmage. There are important words that we should concentrate on, remind each other of, and simplify the game for instead of repeating the entire play call.

amongst themselves.”

Stanley believes his play will speak for itself if he stays well. The Ravens like what they’re seeing thus far.

“Ronnie is performing admirably,” Harbaugh remarked. “It appears that he became in shape. He’s prepared to leave. It’s thrilling.

“I cherish Ronnie. I adore his personality and who he is, but I also adore what he can do on the football field. It would be amazing if Ronnie Stanley could perform at that caliber.

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