ESPN’s: $70 million offer to take over as head coach, it created quite a commotion.

ESPN’s: $70 million offer to take over as head coach, it created quite a commotion.


Lakers made 'compelling case' to take head coach job, Dan Hurley says | Fox  News

When Dan Hurley turned down the Lakers’ six-year, $70 million offer to take over as head coach, it created quite a commotion.

Hurley had the option to accept the deal, which was worth more than twice his current salary, but he chose to remain at UConn.

Now that the immediate news has subsided, ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski has revealed the specific reasons why Hurley declined the Lakers’ offer.

In a late-night chat with Scott Van Pelt of SportsCenter on Monday, Woj revealed the details.

“A few things, Scott, like the opportunity to win a national championship three times in a row and accomplish something that hasn’t been done since John Wooden’s Bruins,” Wojnarowski stated. “It’s unlikely that you’ll have another opportunity to do that as head coach.”

UConn's Dan Hurley Issues Statement After Turning Down Lakers' Head  Coaching Job

Yet, I believe that the time of visiting the NBA… Though he wasn’t prepared to go right away, I believe he believes he will play in the NBA someday.

Van Pelt went on to suggest that another possible explanation would be the NBA’s strict requirements.

Van Pelt remarked, “Hurley is a guy who grinds out every possession.” “I was just thinking about how much the NBA expects of you and how much it is. Did he have the equipment, too? Put otherwise, what I’m referring to is the capacity to avoid monotonously executing each half-court play on a Tuesday evening in Memphis. Do you understand what I mean? Do you believe he took a piece of that with him?

Wojnarowski was quite agreeable.

“You’re absolutely correct, Scott,” he remarked. And at 51 years old, I believe that comes down to preparedness. It’s also the practices, not just that Tuesday night in Sacramento or Memphis, you know. The referees are to blame. It’s dealing with management, which is something a college coach is exempt from. The GM is you.

Dan Hurley rejection is another humiliation for Lakers brand - Los Angeles  Times

For the time being, the Lakers must start over in their ongoing coaching search.

According to reports, James Borrego and JJ Redick are still being considered for the position.

Dan Hurley has made the decision to pursue a three-peat national championship in college basketball rather than accept the head coaching position with the Lakers.

Multiple sources have stated that Hurley has turned down a six-year, $70 million contract from the Lakers.

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