Donedeal: New York Yankees have signed top star from miami marlins.

Donedeal: New York Yankees have signed top star from miami marlins.


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It is certain that the New York Yankees must strengthen their roster in order to make a deep postseason run. Due to Anthony Rizzo’s difficulties, first base had to be upgraded. The nine and ten of June saw Rizzo benched. To improve at first base, Chris Kirschner of The Athletic advised trading for Josh Bell of the Miami Marlins.

This season, Rizzo is slashing.220/.279/.332. Additionally, there are no indications of an imminent turnaround in his advanced metrics.

According to Ken Rosenthal of The Athletic, “teams in this era of advanced data frequently justify a hitter’s poor performance by citing underlying hard-hit metrics that indicate better days might lie ahead.” Rizzo is too good for the Yankees to make that argument. His Baseball Savant report is a whirlwind of negativity, displaying measure after metric in the worst 20 percent of the league, from bat speed to exit velocity to chase %.

In 2022, Rizzo agreed to a $40 million, two-year contract with the Yankees. Bell won a silver slugger in 2022 and was named an All-Star in 2019.

Josh Bell - Miami Marlins First Baseman - ESPN

Ring An Improvement for Rizzo
Last season, at the trade deadline, Bell was acquired by the Marlins. He has a.818 OPS in 53 games for the Marlins in 2023. Although he is not playing as well as he did last season, he is still enjoying a nice campaign. He has seven home runs and an OPS of.707.

At the deadline, the Marlins will probably have a large number of players available. They have the lowest record in the National League, 23-43.

Regarding the trade deadline, the Marlins have already made their intentions known. The Marlins dealt two-time All-Star and batting champion Luis Arraez to the San Diego Padres with the deadline still a ways off.

When pressed about trading away an established talent for players with success potential, Marlins President of Baseball Operations Peter Bendix revealed the club’s thinking.

According to Jordan McPherson of the Miami Herald, Bendix stated, “It’s part of the value of the player for the rest of the season when unfortunately our record is what it is and the fact is that we’re unlikely to make the playoffs this year.” “It seems like the right thing to do for this organization right now is to trade that for future value.”

The Yankees could choose to rent Bell in 2024. He will be a free agent in 2025 after exercising his player option for 2024. After this season, Rizzo’s $17 million club option will expire with a $6 million buyout.

The Future of Rizzo Rizzo’s future with the Yankees depends not just on his output but also on the team’s payroll issues and efforts to acquire Juan Soto.

Owner Hal Steinbrenner called the Yankees’ $300 million payroll “not sustainable” at the May 22 owners meetings.

According to the New York Post, Steinbrenner stated, “I’m gonna be honest, payrolls at the levels we’re at right now are simply not sustainable for us financially.” “Considering the luxury tax we must pay, it wouldn’t be sustainable for the vast majority of ownership [groups].”

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Should the team decide to cut salary in addition to Soto, Rizzo might be the victim of their pursuit. The Yankees could have paid everyone if Steinbrenner had not been worried about the $300 million payroll.

The Athletic’s Chris Kirschner broke down the Yankees’ salary and said, “Rizzo may become a casualty of the team’s Soto pursuit because the Yankees seem committed to saving money in spots they can.”

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