Utah Jazz draft: the Jazz have signed a top star from oklahoma city ….

Utah Jazz draft: the Jazz have signed a top star from oklahoma city ….

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When discussing Stephon Castle at number six, Jeremy Woo makes sure to bring up the Jazz, which is the first time Utah is brought up.

It has proven to be challenging for NBA teams to book Castle during his training tour, so it’s unclear exactly where that will leave him on selection night. Teams pursuing him will keep a close eye on him in the upcoming weeks to see whether he chooses to make himself more available. His ties to San Antonio are the strongest, but if the Spurs decide to use their two first-round picks in a another route, he might find suitors in the top 10 who fit in well with the Utah Jazz.

It appears that the Jazz are definitely interested. Is it possible for the Jazz to advance? With their abundance of assets, Utah could probably pull off a trade to get to six if Castle is available. How much do the Jazz like Castle is the question.

Givony’s board shows Dalton Knecht is going eight, and it appears that a number of teams are interested in him.

In the Nos. 6–10 range, Knecht has solidified his place as a mid-lottery choice, attracting interest from Charlotte, Portland, San Antonio, Memphis, and Utah.

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Knecht appears to be a player that might provide immediate value to a squad. Does that sound like the kind of player the Jazz are after?

Nikola Topic, where the Jazz are drafting, is listed on the big board at 10. Givony discusses jazz interest as follows.

Topic is unlikely to go extremely low on draft night because he is only 18 years old, which makes him younger than six of the 24 McDonald’s All Americans starting college this season. He was also once thought to be a potential No. 1 choice possibility early in the season. Teams see Portland (No. 14), San Antonio (No. 8), Utah (No. 10), Oklahoma City (No. 12), and Utah (No. 14) as possible landing sites, contingent on the team physicians’ complete evaluations of his medicals, which have not yet been distributed. According to new CBA regulations, those will only be available to teams that pick in the top 15.

Cody Williams is the last possible player on the big board for the Jaz. At twelve, Givony and Woo have him.

Williams’ range now seems to be among the broadest of our predicted lottery prospects. Teams who pick outside of the lottery are still interested in him, but teams in the top 10, including as Detroit, Charlotte, Portland, San Antonio, and Utah, are also interested in him. The location and quality of his workouts over the next few weeks will be major factors in determining where he gets selected in the draft.

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This season, Williams had several great performances while at Colorado, but he also had some instances where he was invisible, which caused him to fall. Will the Jazz take a chance on a player who has demonstrated his shooting prowess and physical attributes like Williams? Williams, if available, may be a steal for Utah at number ten because he plays at a position of great value.

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