Sadnews: top star battling with a fresh injury as they prepare for Game 2 against.

Sadnews: top star battling with a fresh injury as they prepare for Game 2 against.


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Luka Doncic, the guard for the Mavericks, is battling with a fresh injury as they prepare for Game 2 against the Celtics on Sunday night. The Mavericks had the All-Star guard rated as probable for the game because of injuries to his knee and ankle, but they later reduced his status to questionable because of a thoracic contusion.

Despite playing despite a knee sprain and ankle soreness, Doncic was one of the few offensive bright spots in the Mavericks roster in Game 1, scoring 30 points and pulling down 10 rebounds in a 107-89 blowout defeat to Boston. But Doncic’s performance against Boston’s offensive firepower was poor on defense, and he only managed one assist in 35 minutes—a dramatic decline from his postseason average.

Given that Dallas has recorded a season-low nine assists as a unit, Doncic discussed on Saturday the necessity of adopting an alternative approach on Sunday night.

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Doncic stated, “I think just be a little bit more aggressive.” I believe that none of us had much energy when we arrived for the game. Therefore, I believe that we need to start using our energy more wisely right away.

If the Mavericks medical team gives Doncic the all-clear to suit up, that will be a physically demanding undertaking. Throughout the postseason, Dallas has not lost a Game 2, and Jason Kidd reiterated Doncic’s remarks regarding his offense being more aggressive in the second leg of the match.

“We’re going to make some changes,” Kidd stated on Saturday. But Luka has to accept that Boston will offer him a layup. They are neither going to give the corner three, nor are they going to give him the lob. We must so capitalize on the fact that it’s a two-on-two match.

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We failed to make a few layups. A few paint shots were missed by us. That takes place. However, we think that in Game 2, Ky and Luka will get into the paint and make them. However, it is identical to what we observed in Minnesota. We trust Luka and Ky to adjust and do what’s best, which is to take the layup or the easy two and keep wearing out the paint and layups, even though we know that Boston has a really excellent defense and can bluff or take something away.


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