Sadnews: top star announce is departure after quarrelling with is coach.

Sadnews: top star announce is departure after quarrelling with is coach.


Texans star receiver Stefon Diggs addresses the media for the first time  since joining the team

Houston During his first press conference following his trade from the Buffalo Bills to the Houston Texans, wide receiver Stefon Diggs highlighted how thrilled he is to be in Houston, referring to the chance as “a breath of fresh air.”

Diggs said he has been grinning a lot since arriving in Texas because he feels like the Texans organization has welcomed him.

Diggs remarked, “They’re very welcoming.” “Very welcoming, and I simply believe that it’s important for me to take part in events like that.” It’s sincere. In that environment, you flourish. You do best in an environment where you are loved. Surround yourself with people who genuinely care about you and want the best for you, and you’ll thrive.”

Even though Diggs has consistently performed well for Buffalo over the years, tensions between the two teams emerged as the team prepared for another heartbreaking playoff defeat last season, raising questions about Diggs’ future there. When asked if he had anticipated being traded earlier in the week, Diggs replied, “It was going in that direction.”

However, his performance speaks for itself, and since the Minnesota Vikings traded him to the Bills in 2020, the Texans have witnessed glimmers of the player that made him first in receptions (445), fourth in touchdowns (37) and fourth in receiving yards (5,372).

C.J. Stroud says Stefon Diggs is 'fitting in great' with Texans; WR  believes in his new quarterback -

Texans quarterback C.J. Stroud said, “Diggs has come in and been a leader, which I’m proud of him for. He just really has been unselfish and wanted to see other guys eat.” That was his primary concern. He assumed the part where dogs are everywhere since he wanted to be with other dogs. He glances left and right, and he anticipates seeing a dog. it is what we bring to the table, and it is what he desired. Thus far, he has been nothing short of extraordinary, and I can’t wait to collaborate with him.”

Diggs has also created space for Dell and Collins when he hasn’t received the ball, allowing Stroud to find them for significant gains.

Diggs’s resolve, though, is just as noteworthy as his talent.

“The man is just so competitive, and it shows on tape,” said Slowik. “He is a lot like our quarterback in that he will do absolutely anything necessary to win the game, whether he doesn’t have the ball, he has the ball in his hands, at all times he is in between the white lines and doing everything he can to win.”

A four-time Pro Bowler, Diggs has pushed defensive backs to improve while also offering advice to fellow receivers with issues.

Additionally, the 30-year-old veteran is quick to congratulate his attacking teammates when he sees them make a play.

“I’ve been around the league for a little while now,” Diggs stated, “so earning the respect of your peers first and earning the respect of your coaches, being where you’re supposed to be, and taking your time each and every day, I take it pretty serious.”

Texans to acquire Stefon Diggs from Bills in stunning trade: report | Fox  News

In his last two trips, Diggs has been periodically spotted displaying obvious frustration on the sidelines. However, he claimed those instances were simply him expressing his desire to succeed.

“I don’t take things personal from people I don’t know, personally,” Diggs stated. “I try not to get too attached to my feelings or other people’s viewpoints. They are aware of my identity as a player and that I am a serious rival. I enjoy winning. It’s who I am as a person that I adore improving. At the end of the day, this is a job. We create a familial atmosphere inside the team. Since those guys are familiar with me personally, I first gain their respect, followed by that of my coaches.”

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