Breaking: Ready for a larger role in the Broncos’

Breaking: Ready for a larger role in the Broncos’


Marvin Mims Jr.

ENGLEWOOD, Colorado: The Denver Broncos’ second-year wideout Marvin Mims Jr. is expected to have the largest effect despite the departures from the wide receiver room.

Jerry Jeudy, a 2020 first-round pick, was traded by the Broncos in March, while Courtland Sutton, who led the team in touchdown receptions (10) in the previous season, has not participated in any of the team’s summer activities. Mims, who was chosen for the Pro Bowl in 2023 as a rookie returner, is anticipated to play a much bigger and more influential role in the Broncos offense this year.

“After Thursday’s OTA practice, if I take care of my business out here, it will go to the games,” Mims declared. “I’m generally excited about it, but I’m just taking care of business here. We’ll get there eventually when we go there in the fall.”

Why Mims didn’t just play more was one of the biggest mysteries surrounding the Broncos’ offensive woes from the previous campaign. Despite having few chances for a squad that looked to be always looking for a spark, Mims—a second-round pick—repeatedly produced major plays in Year 1.

Mims had four of the seven throw plays of at least 47 yards for the Broncos in the previous season, including two in Week 2. Even so, Mims, who ranked sixth among wide receivers at the end of the season, had only participated in 384 (38%) of the club’s offensive snaps despite leading the team in yards per catch.

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Coach Sean Payton stated, “I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: [The coaches] were as much responsible for holding [Mims] back as they were for trying to get snaps for [Jeudy] and [Sutton], so I think we’ll see a lot of growth from Year 1 to Year 2.” “[Mims] is a hard one. We are aware of his skill as a returner. Transitional speed and the elements required to be seen at the receiver position were observed.

After the previous season, Denver reorganized its roster, which has given Mims more opportunities. Last season, Payton frequently stated that Jeudy and Mims essentially filled the same position in the Broncos’ offense.

In March, Denver traded Jeudy to the Cleveland Browns, knowing that Mims would play a large role in distributing Jeudy’s snap total.

Regarding the rotation from the previous season, Payton remarked, “I don’t think it was his development… as much as trying to create touches for those [other] guys.” “And now that we have a room and several young players,… I’m nervous to observe those guys when we go through this procedure.

Regarding the Jeudy deal, Mims remarked, “It’s kind of tough.” “Last year, as a rookie, Jerry watched out for me, gave me a lot of advice, and it was a pleasure to be in the same room as him. However, since he’s heading to Cleveland, I wish him the best and understand that anything may happen here.

Mims’ potential relevance in the offense has been evident with Sutton missing the team’s optional offseason program in order to pursue a contract adjustment.

Mims has demonstrated his potential influence even though the Broncos have distributed the quarterback snaps among Zach Wilson, rookie Bo Nix, and Jarrett Stidham. He produced one of the biggest plays of the off-season on Thursday during team drills when Stidham found Mims for a score.

Mims praised the play, saying, “Excellent ball…didn’t have to break stride,” which sent several of his teammates racing toward the end zone to join him in celebrating.

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After a 99-yard kickoff return for a score and an average of 16.4 yards per punt return, Mims was selected for the Pro Bowl. If all goes as he and the Broncos hope, though, his 22 receptions from the previous season will be more directly correlated with a strong month’s work in the upcoming campaign.

“I feel like it’s going a lot smoother going into Year 2, knowing what to expect, knowing the routes, knowing what I have to do as a receiver,” Mims remarked. It’s as different as day and night.


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