the 2024 NFL Draft: an ex-FSU defensive end” wants to play kick return for the Los Angeles Rams.

the 2024 NFL Draft: an ex-FSU defensive end” wants to play kick return for the Los Angeles Rams.

Florida State's Jared Verse drafted by Los Angeles Rams in first round -  Tomahawk Nation

Jared Verse, an ex-FSU defensive end, desires to return kicks for the Los Angeles Rams.

Have you read the headline? That wasn’t a misprint. In the first round of the 2024 NFL Draft, the Los Angeles Rams selected former Florida State defensive end Jared Verse.

Verse is a key component of the team’s foundation because they selected defensive tackle Braden Fiske from Florida State in the second round. This season, Seminole fans will enjoy watching Los Angeles Rams games.

For the sake of ease of travel, the fan base probably would have preferred that both of them remain in Florida. Still, I’m sure the supporters will love supporting them.

Verse is, as everyone knows, an extremely self-assured individual. He made reference to his status as the team’s quickest player. We’ll just have to speculate, but I wish he and his colleagues had a race to validate that theory. But I do think Trey Benson, the running back for the Arizona Cardinals and a former roommate at Florida State, would defeat him in a race.

Silence… Don’t mention what I said to Jared Verse!

In any case, Verse’s remark made headlines once more. The defensive end wants to return kicks, according to Rams special teams coach Chase Blackburn, according to an Andrew Siciliano article.

Florida State's Verse opts out of Orange Bowl, enters NFL draft |

Verse’s size would make him very threatening as he returned kicks. On the defensive side, though, let’s be honest. Please don’t let him kick you back, haha! Having said that, I would not object to him playing blocker on special teams. He would probably deliver a huge block that would allow the Rams to score on a kickoff return.

I’m happy to see Verse displaying the same kind of assurance as he did when playing the Seminoles. Please, if the Rams ever see this post, do not allow him to hit a no-hitter anyplace. I wish to spare him the humiliation.


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