Sadnews: fans reacts, as Caitlin Clark was conspicuously missing…..

Sadnews: fans reacts, as Caitlin Clark was conspicuously missing…..

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Earlier this week, on a team outing where several Indiana Fever players celebrated Grace Berger’s birthday with a day at the lake, rookie Caitlin Clark was conspicuously missing. We now understand the reason why.

As the Fever prepared for their Friday night showdown against the Mystics, Clark addressed the media. She claimed that after her worst performance as a professional, she simply wanted to take a short vacation.

When Indiana last played, their best player had trouble. In a 104-68 defeat, Clark missed nine of her ten field goals tries and scored three times as many points as turnovers.

It appears that Clark was affected by that performance.

Following practice on Wednesday, she spoke with reporters and said the following:

When asked what she did on her days off, she said, “Just getting away from basketball a little bit.” “Just taking care of my body, getting some rest and sleep.”

Considering the difficult stretch Indiana has experienced thus far, it makes sense. Up until that moment, the Fever had participated in the most games in the WNBA, which included three games over the course of four days this past weekend.

After Sunday’s disappointment, Indy was given a four-day respite, which was appreciated by all members of the team.

While some rejoiced with a comrade, Caitlin Clark chose to rest for the moment. For some much-needed pleasure off the court, the Fever players climbed onboard a boat to celebrate Grace Berger’s birthday on the lake.

The Fever players’ recent absence on boat day has only stoked tensions around the rookie star.

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Clark is contributing to the noise reduction efforts. Even though she was unable to see the lake, she claims that she still had a “chemistry-building” night out for dinner with her group.

Regarding Tuesday’s team meal, she remarked, “It was one of our first team bonding things that we’ve actually had time to do.” “It’s nice to get to know each other and laugh in a less formal and tense environment outside of basketball.”

Everything is good!

During the media session, teammate Kelsey Mitchell was questioned regarding Clark. Mitchell stated that guarding her on the floor is the team’s responsibility. That ought to give a player who has felt like she has been singled out for attention during her debut campaign more self-assurance.

Caitlin Clark: What's Next After Leaving Iowa and Joining Indiana Fever

When Friday arrives, we’ll see whether the group benefits from the relaxation and increased camaraderie. Indiana is trying to win three games this year.


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