Report: Angel Reese is back…….

Report: Angel Reese is back…….

Angel Reese – LSU

After Chicago Sky teammate Chennedy Carter was allegedly abused outside the team hotel in the capital during the current WNBA controversy over her bodycheck on Caitlin Clark, Angel Reese spoke out angrily.

The Chicago Sun Times reports that on Wednesday night, as the Sky arrived in Washington, DC, ahead of their away game against the Mystics on Thursday, Carter was the target of a man who was not a guest at the hotel.

As the team employees were unloading the bags from the bus, the individual allegedly approached Carter while holding a camera. As part of this year’s heightened security procedures, The Sky’s several bodyguards are reported to have stepped in right away and defused the situation quickly.

“It ended as quickly as it began,” Sun Times general manager Jeff Pagliocca said. “I have complete faith that our security will always make our players feel secure.” Today was a fantastic illustration of how important they are to our group.

But the event infuriated Reese, who had just been ejected for the first time in her professional career, and her teammates on social media.

Finding our team hotel to pull with a camera as we get off the bus and place it in my teammates face & HARASS her is NASTY WORK, the 22-year-old revealed on X on Wednesday.

“This has to stop—it’s really out of control,” she continued.

Isabelle Harrison, a forward for Sky and Reese’s teammate, also inquired about the incident: “OMG!” Give thanks to God for safety. It’s crazy that my teammate is being harassed at our hotel! Not even able to get off the bus!

Brianna Turner, a sky forward, also said on social media that the exchange was inappropriate even though she wasn’t there.

In addition, she denounced the racist bigots that she and a few of her teammates had to deal with in the league.

“We didn’t realize that saying ‘grow the game’ would be perceived as intimidating players in hotels.” You are welcome to your own views, but think about if someone you know experienced anything similar.

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Yes, we fly with security, thank goodness, but the recent ridiculous stories have undoubtedly made things unstable for our safety. Recently, I’ve been subjected to every kind of racial slur imaginable, and my colleagues have endured even worse

“No.” Racism is not “part of the game” for me. I’m not sensitive, sorry. And no, I won’t just brush off the naive opinions I’ve encountered. Most of you who have left comments are only interested in division and could not care less about the WNBA’s progress.

It’s unsettling to even bring up the subject because I know that half of the replies will be derogatory remarks and justifications for improper conduct. I understand that everyone has unique beliefs and perspectives, but the conversation lately has been, to put it mildly, dishonest.

Following her vicious bodycheck on Clark during Chicago’s loss to Indiana on Saturday, Carter has come under fire. The Sky guard seemed to say “you b***h” before pushing the rookie from the Fever to the ground.

Despite their 71-70 loss that evening, Reese appeared to enjoy the shove with her Chicago teammate after the game, which provoked uproar on social media.

Following the hard foul, there were debates and inquiries over the level of toughness in the WNBA. A day after the game on Sunday, the league finally took action, raising the play to a flagrant-1 violation foul.

Basketball icon Nancy Lieberman said she would have responded far more aggressively to the bodycheck than Clark did during an interview on FanDuel TV’s “Run It Back.” She also urged Clark’s teammates in Indiana to better protect the former Iowa phenom going forward.

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Insisting that Clark needs a comparable level of support on the court for the Fever, Lieberman continued by pointing out that NHL great Wayne Gretzky and NBA icon Michael Jordan always had enforcers guarding them in their respective domains.

Angel McCoughtry, who has offered to join Indiana and shield their talented rookie from further aggression, is one player who is willing to stand up for Clark.

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